Your question: What does a good baseball swing look like?

What are three cues for a perfect swing baseball?

Cueing the Right Hitting Mechanics

“Stay back,” “stay inside” “drive the ball the other way” “sit back” and “see it deep” are just a few examples of common cues given to a hitter.

Should a baseball swing be level?

You should take a level swing, starting with just your top hand on the bat. … Your two hands should work well together now, with a level path that should result in a line drive. A level path keeps the bat in the hitting zone for a longer period of time and can lead to more line drives and greater success.

When should I start my baseball swing?

During the entire middle portion of the pitch, the batter must time the ball and decide where to swing. If the batter decides to swing, he must start when the ball is approximately 25 to 30 feet in front of the plate.

Who has the best swing in baseball?

Ken Griffey Jr. has the sweetest swing in baseball history, and this was apparent when he hit a ball that left the yard. In the nineties, when Griffey dominated baseball, kids wanted to swing like him because his stroke was so beautiful. Griffey played 22 seasons in the MLB.

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How many balls do you get per at bat?

During each at bat in baseball the batter gets up to three strikes to hit the ball. A strike is anytime the hitter swings at a pitch and misses or any pitch that is in the strike zone (whether the hitter swings or not).

Where should your weight be when hitting a baseball?

Balanced. In order to have a balanced swing, you must begin with a balanced stance. The weight should be on the balls of your feet and your knees should be slightly bent. Whether you are guarding a player in basketball or standing at the plate, you always want to be in an athletic, balanced position.

What part of the baseball should you hit?

Advocates for hitting the top of the ball

Stay on top of the ball. A slight downward swing allows this and is a good way to keep from undercutting. Eric Herrera, a hitting instructor in Phoenix, in his eHow video How to Stay on Top of a Baseball says: You want to keep the barrel above the ball.