You asked: What does pair of shoes mean in baseball?

– occurs when a batter takes a called third strike, likely meaning he is just. standing there looking in his shoes.

What is meant by a pair of shoes?

1 two identical or similar things matched for use together.

What does Eckersley mean when he says pair of shoes?

Pair of Shoes: A looking strike three. The pitch is usually a ball until it reaches the strike zone, causing the hitter to freeze in his shoes.

Why is a strikeout called a pair of shoes?

The use of the term came when the NESN announcer punctuated a strikeout looking. But unlike some of the other sayings, the origin of the term wasn’t exactly obvious. As it turns out, Eckersley was surprised as anyone the first time he broke it out.

Why is a fastball called cheese?

A fastball that is high in the strike zone is called high cheese. In this kind of cheese, the strike zone will run from the batter’s knees to the mid-point of the player’s torso like the bottom of his rib cage. If it is low in the strike zone, it gets called cheese at the knees.

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Is a pair of shoes or are a pair of shoes?

You’re right, pair is singular, and a pair of jeans is a good present. A pair of shoes is a good present. The standard plural of pair is pairs. Some English users say pair as plural, but that is nonstandard.

Is it pair or pairs of shoes?

The plural of pair is pairs. You ordered both pairs of shoes from Amazon. You’ll pick up two pairs of pants at the dry cleaners. Perhaps the person who left four pairs of shoes in the garage should bring them inside where they belong.

What does lettuce mean in baseball?

Definition: The beginning of a game or the start of a player’s performance in a game. Advertisement: Proper use in a sentence: “From jump street tonight, Kimbrel just couldn’t find the strike zone with his slider. ” “SALAD”

What does piece of cheese mean in baseball?

cheese. A fastball, particularly one that is difficult to hit. A fastball high in the strike zone is also called high cheese, and one low in the zone can be called cheese at the knees. ‘Easy Cheese’ refers to the seemingly effortless motion of a pitcher as he throws a fastball at very high velocity.

What does going bridge mean in baseball?

This is a phrase from Eckersley. A home run would be “taking the pitcher over the bridge.” Perhaps referring to the Bay Bridge ie. taking him home/out of the game. 1.

What does jammed mean in baseball?

When runners are in scoring position with less than two outs and good hitters coming up. “The pitcher is in a jam.” The “bases are jammed” (or loaded or full) when there are runners on all three.

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What does can of corn mean in baseball?

Definition. A “can of corn” is a routine fly ball hit to an outfielder.

What does pulling a baseball mean?

This is a baseball term which describes a type of hitter who typically hits the ball to the same side of the field they hit the ball from.

What does ducks on a pond mean in baseball?

(Australia) A coded warning used by men to alert each other that female guests (“ducks”) are present (“on the pond”), so that for politeness they should moderate their language. quotations ▼ (baseball) Members of a batting order who are on base; baserunners. There are two ducks on the pond for the cleanup hitter.

What is a cookie in baseball?

Cookie: An easily hittable pitch. Crooked number: A team’s inning run total greater than zero or one.

What does the saying can of corn mean?

The phrase “can of corn” originated from grocers actually getting cans of corn from high shelves. … Catching a can of corn was such a routine task for grocers that it was considered an easy catch. This phrase later went on to describe a task that is easily accomplished, such as catching an easy fly-ball in the outfield.