Who was the last pitcher to pitch a perfect game?

No pitcher has ever thrown more than one. The perfect game thrown by Don Larsen in game 5 of the 1956 World Series is the only postseason perfect game in major league history and one of only two postseason no-hitters.

Who is the most recent pitcher to throw a perfect game?

The most recent perfect game in the MLB was by Félix Hernández of the Seattle Mariners against the Tampa Bay Rays on August 15, 2012. He struck out the side twice and struck out twelve total batters in a 1–0 victory.

When was the last time a pitcher pitched a complete game?

The last pitcher in the major leagues to throw as many as 10 complete games in a single season was Randy Johnson, who threw 12 complete games in 1999 for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Who is the only pitcher to pitch a perfect game?

New York Yankees’ Don Larsen pitches only World Series perfect game. On Oct. 8, 1956, Don Larsen of the New York Yankees throws the only perfect game in World Series history.

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How many pitchers have thrown a perfect game and a no hitter?

In a perfect game, no opposing batter reaches base. (The difference between a perfect game and a no-hitter? In a no-hitter, although the losing team does not record any hits, at least one batter reaches base-e.g. via a walk.) These 23 pitchers made history.

Has anyone thrown a 27 pitch game?

Necciai is best remembered for the unique feat of striking out 27 batters in a nine-inning game, which he accomplished in the Class-D Appalachian League on May 13, 1952. He is the only pitcher ever to do so in a nine-inning, professional-league game.

Has there ever been a 27 pitch game?

On May 13, 1952 while pitching for the Class-D Bristol Twins, Ron Necciai tossed a no-hitter, striking out 27 in nine innings!

Who threw the last complete game in the World Series?

Turns out Cueto was about to achieve something that hadn’t been done in 24 years. Not since Jack Morris pitched a 10-inning masterpiece in Game 7 of the 1991 World Series had an American League pitcher thrown a complete game in the Fall Classic.

Who pitched the longest complete game?

Leon Cadore and Joe Oeschger share the record for the longest complete game, achieved when they pitched against each other in a 26-inning marathon that ended in a 1–1 tie on May 1, 1920.

Who was the last pitcher to pitch 9 innings?

The last person to pitch a complete game of more than 9 innings was Roy Halladay on April 13, 2007.

Is Don Larsen in the HOF?

He became an executive for a paper company, working with farmers who worked in California’s Salinas Valley. In 1964, Larsen was inducted by the San Diego Hall of Champions into the Breitbard Hall of Fame honoring San Diego’s finest athletes both on and off the playing surface.

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Is Don Larsen’s number retired?

Surely his uniform number 18 is one of the ones retired, never to be worn again by a Yankees player. After a little research on the guy, none of these things are true. Don Larsen pitched a perfect game in the World Series, that’s all the guy did. … Never a twenty game winner (he won 11 games in his best season).

Who has the most strikeouts in MLB history?

Career Leaders & Records for Strikeouts

Rank Player (yrs, age) Strikeouts
1. Nolan Ryan+ (27) 5714
2. Randy Johnson+ (22) 4875
3. Roger Clemens (24) 4672
4. Steve Carlton+ (24) 4136

Did Roger Clemens ever pitch a no-hitter?

1. Roger Clemens. Just like both Steve Carlton and Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens was a phenom who barely even flirted with perfection in his career. … Rocket had 13 two-hitters in his career, but that was the only regular-season one-hitter and the only time he made it into the eighth inning with a shot at a no-hitter.

Has there ever been a 0 0 baseball game?

In the American League, the longest 0–0 game was played between the Washington Senators and Detroit Tigers on July 16, 1909. The game was called after 18 innings due to darkness at Bennett Park in Detroit.

Who threw most no-hitters?

The pitcher who holds the record for the most no-hitters is Nolan Ryan, who threw seven in his 27-year career. His first two came exactly two months apart with the California Angels: the first on May 15, 1973, and the second on July 15.

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