Who hit the most home runs in softball?

Oklahoma’s Lauren Chamberlain capped her college career in 2015 as the college softball all-time home run leader, slugging 95 home runs over a sensational four-year career.

Who is the best softball hitter?

9 of the top college softball home run hitters in 2021

  • Jocelyn Alo — Oklahoma. …
  • Haley Lee — Texas A&M. …
  • Jessie Harper — Arizona. …
  • Tiare Jennings — Oklahoma. …
  • Addison Barnard — Wichita State. …
  • Maddi Hackbarth — Arizona State. …
  • Sami Williams — Iowa State.

Who holds the record for most home runs in college softball in one season?

WCWS finals Game 2: Jocelyn Alo, Sooners set NCAA record for home runs in single season.

Who has the most home runs in 2021 Softball?

Jocelyn Alo can add a new accomplishment to her long string of accomplishments: She now holds the single-season home run record at the University of Oklahoma. The OU senior smashed her 31st home run of the 2021 season during the Sooners’ win over Georgia on Saturday in the Women’s College World Series.

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Who is number one in women’s college softball?


1 Oklahoma (32) 56-4
2 Florida State 49-13-1
3 Alabama 52-9

Who is the greatest softball player ever?

What softball player has won the most Olympic medals? Laura Berg has won the most medals in Olympic softball history. She won a total of four Olympic medals throughout her lengthy Olympic career. Berg won three consecutive golds in 1996, 2000, and 2004, as well as a silver medal in 2008.

Who is the highest paid softball player?

Who is the highest paid softball player? Monica Abbott. Abbott signed a six year $1,000,000 deal in 2016, of which $20,000 was salary that counted under the salary cap, with the rest paid in other ways like bonuses.

How many home runs has Jocelyn Alo hit?


Season AVG HR
2019 .379 16
2020 .427 8
2021 .475 34
TOTAL .426 88

Who has the most home runs in a season?

Most Home Runs in One Season? 45 or More

HR Player/Team Year
73 Barry Bonds, San Francisco (N.L.) 2001
70 Mark McGwire, St. Louis (N.L.) 1998
66 Sammy Sosa, Chicago (N.L.) 1998
65 Mark McGwire, St. Louis (N.L.) 1999

What record did Jocelyn Alo break?

NCAA.com Video

Oklahoma’s Jocelyn Alo hit her 31st home run of the season in the 2021 Women’s College World Series against Georgia, breaking the single-season program record held by Lauren Chamberlain. See the record-breaking home run.

How many homeruns does Braxton Burnside have?


Rank Name HR
Rank Name HR
1 Jocelyn Alo 34
2 Tiare Jennings 27
3 Braxton Burnside 25
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Who has the most home runs in the NCAA?


Rank Name HR
Rank Name HR
1 Wes Clarke 23
Matheu Nelson 23
3 Niko Kavadas 22

How many home runs does Braxton Burnside have?

2020 | Redshirt Junior

Started all 25 games at shortstop… Hit . 392 with 31 hits, three doubles, five home runs, 20 RBIs, seven walks and 16 runs scored…

What college has the best softball team?


Rank School Record
Rank School Record
1 Oklahoma 56-4
2 Alabama 52-9
3 UCLA 47-7

Is James Madison softball ranked?

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Recently crowned 2021 Colonial Athletic Association champion James Madison softball remained at #22 in the USA Today/NFCA Top 25 Coaches Poll while rising to #21 in the ESPN.com/USA Softball Top 25 Poll, as announced by the committees on Tuesday afternoon.

Who invented softball?

Softball began in 1887 when George Hancock, a reporter for the Chicago Board of Trade, invented “indoor baseball”. By the spring of 1888, the game had spread outdoors. It was originally called either mushball, kittenball or indoor baseball, but by the 1920s it had acquired the name of softball.