What baseball team did Frank Thomas play on?

When did Frank Thomas play for the White Sox?

Thomas moved on to the A’s and then the Blue Jays, where he totaled 65 home runs and 209 RBI over two seasons from 2006-07. Injuries slowed him in 2008 at the age of 40, and he retired in February of 2010 after sitting out the 2009 season.

What position did Frank Thomas play in baseball?

Frank Thomas technically earned a ring with the Chicago White Sox in 2005. However, he played just 34 games before a foot fracture ended his season. He did not play in the playoffs. … The Big Hurt was a hitting machine.

Did Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson play together at Auburn?

A common misconception about Bo Jackson and Frank Thomas is they played togther at Auburn University. Wrong. Jackson, with the Heisman Trophy in hand, left Auburn in spring 1986. Thomas, a two-sport standout from Columbus High, arrived in the fall of that year.

Why is Frank called the big hurt?

The moniker was used in the title of a video game, was used on several baseball cards, and when Thomas started up his own beer, it was called Big Hurt Beer. Frank Thomas was “The Big Hurt” because of the hurt he put on a baseball. And because, well, he was big! Ballplayers simply didn’t come in king size.

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How much does Frank Thomas weigh?

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $150

These O-Pee-Chee Thomas rookies are pretty much the exact same as the regular Topps issues except for two things: they were printed and distributed in Canada. print quality is not as high as Topps.

How tall is Big Papi?

DYERSVILLE, Iowa (AP) — Frank Thomas has found his Field of Dreams. The Hall of Famer has headed a venture that bought controlling interest in Go the Distance Baseball’s stake of All-Star Ballpark Heaven and the Field of Dreams Movie Site.

How tall is the big hurt?

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