Quick Answer: What does U mean in baseball scoring?

Sacrifice Hit (Bunt) TP. Triple Play. U. Unassisted Put Out.

What does B mean in baseball box score?

Batters Faced (BF) Blown Save (BS) Complete Game (CG) Earned Run (ER)

What does l mean on baseball scoreboard?

This acronym is LOB and it stands for Left On Base. On baseball scoreboards, the Left on Base stat (LOB) calculates the total number of runners who were left on base at the end of each inning.

What is U3 in baseball?

Normally you will see this play when a batter hits the ball down the first-base line. The first baseman will scoop the ball up and stamp on the bag to make the unassisted putout (‘U3’). … The final number recorded will always be the fielder who made the final putout on the play.

What does P mean in baseball scoring?

For example, the position of each player is indicated by a number: Pitcher (P) Catcher (C) First baseman (1B) … Third baseman (3B)

What does TB mean in box score?

Definition. Total bases refer to the number of bases gained by a batter through his hits.

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What does BOT mean in MLB?

In this context, BOT is actually an abbreviation of the word “Robot.” In gaming, it refers to a “Robot Player,” i.e., an NPC (Non-Player Character) controlled by the game. Depending on the game, players may compete against or work with BOTs.

What is Rh and E in baseball?

Sam Miller/ESPN. It’s the Runs/Hits/Errors box, which we’ll refer to going forward as The R/H/E. The R/H/E appears on every major league scoreboard, above every box score of every game on Baseball Reference, on every television graphic going into and coming out of every commercial break.

What is P6 baseball scoring?

So fly balls and popups are recorded by the player who catches it: a popup to shortstop can be recorded as a P6, while a fly caught by the center fielder can be written as F8 or simply 8.

What does L8 mean in baseball?

I use “F8” for a routine flyout to center, “L8” for a line drive to center, and “Fd8” for a fly to the warning track.

What does K mean in baseball?

A strikeout occurs when a pitcher throws any combination of three swinging or looking strikes to a hitter. … In the scorebook, a strikeout is denoted by the letter K. A third-strike call on which the batter doesn’t swing is denoted with a backward K.

What is u6 in baseball?

6u – Instructional Coach Pitch & T-Ball

6u is an instructional league to teach four, five and six-year-old players the fundamentals of baseball by the simplest method possible – letting them play the game. … 6u coaches are allowed on the field to offer instruction during the game.

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What does P5 mean in baseball scoring?

Batting – Batting Quality

P5 5 Pitch Plate Appearances
P7 7 Pitch Plate Appearances
P8 8 Pitch Plate Appearances
P9 9 Pitch Plate Appearances
P10 10 Pitch Plate Appearances

What does HP mean in baseball?

HBP: Hit by pitch. HP: Home plate. HR: Home Run. IBB: Intentional base on balls. IF: Infielder.

What does F mean in baseball?

A fielder’s choice (FC) is the act of a fielder, upon fielding a batted ball, choosing to try to putout a baserunner and allow the batter-runner to advance to first base.