Question: Who has caught the most games in MLB history?

Who has caught the most innings in baseball?

Most Innings Caught in a Career: Ivan Rodriguez has the most innings caught by a catcher in a career with 20,348 innings caught.

What catcher has the most passed balls?

Most Passed Balls – Career (20th-21st Century)

Catcher PB
1 Lance Parrish (1977-1995) 192
2 Ted Simmons (1968-1988) 182
3 Benito Santiago (1986-2005) 157
4 Ernie Lombardi (1931-1947) 152

Has a catcher ever caught 162 games?

(Obviously, this feat is much easier with a 162 game schedule.) Please note that games listed are total season games and not necessarily games caught. However, a player must have played at least 150 games at catcher to be included.

Most Games Caught in a Season.

Player Johnny Bench
HR 15
RBI 82
BB 31

Who has caught 2000 games in MLB history?

Cardinals’ Yadier Molina becomes first MLB player to catch 2,000 games with one team

  • Ivan Rodriguez: 2,427 games.
  • Carlton Fisk: 2,226 games.
  • Bob Boone: 2,225 games.
  • Gary Carter: 2,056 games.
  • Jason Kendall: 2,025 games.
  • Yadier Molina: 2,000 games and counting.
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How many catchers caught 2000 games?

Molina is just the sixth catcher in MLB history to reach the 2,000 games played milestone – joining Iván Rodríguez (2,427), Carlton Fisk (2,226), Bob Boone (2,225), Gary Carter (2,056) and Jason Kendall (2,025).

What catcher has caught the most runners stealing?

Roy Campanella

The Dodger catcher’s caught stealing percentage is 57 percent. That is still the best career percentage of all-time. Campanella revolutionized the game as a catcher.

How many games has Molina caught?

His 1,836 career games caught for the Cardinals are the most by any catcher with a single team, surpassing Gabby Hartnett (CHI, 1,756) on June 18, 2018…

Who has most home runs as catcher?

Mike Piazza has launched the most career homers by a catcher, with 399 homers.

Who is the best defensive catcher of all time?

Because of how different eras of baseball have been played, it’s difficult to nail down the best defensive catcher of all time. Based upon Gold Gloves won, Ivan Rodriguez is the clear victor, while based upon fielding percentage, numerous players who spent more than 10 seasons in the Majors have a good argument.

Is Jason Kendall a Hall of Famer?

Bonds, Kendall not elected to Hall of Fame.

Who has the most Gold Gloves as a catcher?

Iván Rodríguez has won the most Gold Gloves at catcher, with 13; all were won with the Texas Rangers or the Detroit Tigers (both American League teams), though Rodríguez has played in both leagues.

How many catchers are in the Hall of Fame?

As of 2019, eighteen men who played primarily as catchers have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, New York.

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