How many catchers have won batting titles?

Catchers who were Batting Champions: There have been 4 catchers to claim a league batting title, and 7 different instances. They are: Buster Posey (2012 NL, San Francisco Giants). Joe Mauer (2006 AL, 2008 AL, 2009 AL, Minnesota Twins).

Has a catcher ever won a batting title?

A six-time All-Star, Mauer is the only catcher in MLB history to win three batting titles, and the only catcher to ever win a batting title in the American League (AL).

Who holds the record for most batting titles?

Batting Champion Records

Batting Champion Records Major League Baseball Records Set by Batting Champions
Batting Title Records LG Name(s)
Most Batting Titles (In A Career) NL Honus Wagner
Most Batting Titles (In a Career / Consecutively) AL Ty Cobb
NL Rogers Hornsby

What MLB catcher has the best batting average?

Joe Mauer has the best career batting average by a catcher, with an average of . 323.

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Who is the best hitting catcher of all time?

The 5 Greatest Catchers of All Time

  • #5: Gary Carter. The former Met and Expos catcher spent 19 years in the MLB. …
  • #4: Mike Piazza. Mike Piazza, who played for the New York Mets primarily, was a 12-time All-Star and 10-time Silver Slugger Award winner at catcher. …
  • #3: Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. …
  • #2: Yogi Berra. …
  • #1: Johnny Bench.

What catcher has the most pickoffs?

Catcher Pickoff Leaders

Most Catcher Pickoffs (Since 2003)
Player Pickoffs
Jose Molina 17
Ivan Rodriguez 13
Jeff Mathis 11

Who has the most stolen bases as a catcher?

Most Career Stolen Bases by a Catcher

  • Roger Bresnahan, 212.
  • Ray Schalk, 177.
  • Jason Kendall, 162.
  • Red Dooin, 133.
  • Carlton Fisk, 128.
  • Johnny Kling, 123.
  • Wally Schang, 121.
  • Ivan Rodriguez, 114.

Who won the batting title 2021?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Trea Turner ended the regular season with a bang, hitting his second grand slam in less than 48 hours to easily wrap up the NL batting title. “Any time you can win anything in this league, it’s special,” he said.

Who is the greatest switch hitter of all time?

Mantle is Baseball’s Top Switch Hitter. In spite of Pete Rose’s 44-game hitting streak in 1978 and his achievement of more than 3,000 hits in his career, Mickey Mantle has been selected as the greatest switch hitter in baseball history.

How long did Ty Cobb play?

He spent 22 seasons in Detroit and another two in Philadelphia before retiring as the holder of 43 major league regular season career records, including the all-time batting average mark of . 366. Cobb was known for his aggressive base running style and his ability to hit to all fields.

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Has a catcher ever played 162 games?

(Obviously, this feat is much easier with a 162 game schedule.) Please note that games listed are total season games and not necessarily games caught. However, a player must have played at least 150 games at catcher to be included.

Most Games Caught in a Season.

Player Brad Ausmus
BA .266
OBP .357
SLG .365
OPS .722

What is a good fielding percentage for a catcher?

997 is a good fielding percentage for a catcher and .

How many MLB catchers have 2000 hits?

Can you name the catchers with over 2,000 career hits?

Hits Player % Correct
2,844* Ivan Rodriguez 94.2%
2,048* Johnny Bench 93.1%
2,127* Mike Piazza 87.3%
2,356* Carlton Fisk 81%

Who has the most Gold Gloves at catcher?

Iván Rodríguez has won the most Gold Gloves at catcher, with 13; all were won with the Texas Rangers or the Detroit Tigers (both American League teams), though Rodríguez has played in both leagues.

Is Molina a Hall of Famer?

Molina has a pair of high MVP finishes, coming in fourth in 2012 and third in 2013. The esteemed Bill James created his Hall of Fame Monitor in an attempt to measure the things that are often important to Hall of Fame voters. A score of 100 is a likely Hall of Famer. Molina checks in at 169.

How many catchers are in the Hall of Fame?

As of 2019, eighteen men who played primarily as catchers have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, New York.