How do you get baseball cards PSA graded?

Is it worth getting cards PSA graded?

Regardless if you’re talking counterfeits or reprints, PSA card grading services can be an excellent tool to verify a card’s authenticity. That’s not to say that PSA is correct 100% of the time and fakes don’t occasionally slip through their hands.

Why is PSA so expensive?

PSA, the leader in card grading, dramatically changed its prices on Monday as the uptick in the industry left the company with a backlog of an untold millions of cards. Pricing in most areas has doubled. The lowest level, with the slowest service, goes from $10 a card to $20 a card and imposes a 10-card minimum.

How much does it cost to send a card to PSA?

Card Grading Postage Fees

TOTAL DECLARED VALUE Over $50,000 call for rates
$0 – $100 $25,001 – $50,000
1 – 8 items $15.00 $78.30
9 – 20 items $18.00 $81.30
21 – 50 items $23.00 $84.30

Where is PSA grading located?

The office location is 10 Woodbridge Center Dr., Suite 701, Woodbridge, NJ 07095. The phone number is (800) 325-1121.

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How long does it take for PSA to grade a card?

PSA Grading Tips Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions

Service Level Current Turnaround Time (door to door)
Walk Through Approximately 3 weeks
Super Express Approximately 3 weeks
Express Approximately one month.
Regular Service suspended by PSA as of March 30, 2021

Can you go to PSA in person?

July 2021 Update: PSA has just announced they will be grading cards in-person at the 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention. Please see the announcement here, but to summarize, fees will start at $250 per card. … PSA will be encapsulating all sizes of cards including thick memorabilia/patch cards.”

How much does it cost to get a baseball card graded by PSA?

PSA grading costs range anywhere from $20 per card all the way up to $10,000 per card, depending on the value of the card, the age of the card, how many cards you’re submitting at one time, how fast you want the turnaround to be, and other factors.

What is the cheapest card grading company?

Cheap Pricing – GMA is by far the cheapest semi-reputable grading company out there right now. With prices as low as $6 per regular card and $5 for certified or pack autograph cards, no one is beating them on pricing. At this price point, it doesn’t cost much more than a one touch case to get your cards graded.

Which is better Beckett or PSA?

While PSA gets the lion’s share from consumers, Beckett Grading Services is no slouch in the grading industry either. This company has two advantages over its main competitor: a better-looking label and a faster turnaround time. Most BGS slabs sport a multi-detail label at the top.

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Does PSA use USPS?

For almost two years, the Parcel Shippers Association (PSA) has been working with the United States Postal Service (USPS), through the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), to address industry concerns with respect to the USPS Evolutionary Network Development (END) initiative.

Can you drop off cards at PSA?

If you would like to drop off your items at one of our offices, this can be arranged. However, please know that we only accept submissions at our Woodbridge, NJ, office by appointment only and on a limited, case-by-case basis for high-value items and high-volume submissions at our Southern California location.