How do you fix a warped baseball card?

How do you flatten a warped baseball card?

Use an iron, hair dryer, or ceramic bowl to flatten out your bent trading cards. With some work, your old trading cards can become like new again.

How do you fix a warped sports card?

I put warped cards into penny sleeves, then set a heavy book on top of them and leave them there for a few weeks. That will usually flatten them out. Surprisingly this works.

How do you get creases out of baseball cards?

Wrinkles on vintage cards are easy. you soak the card for a minute or two yhen take the back of a spoon and “roll” it over the wrinkle. Be sure to do both front and back. Then place the card between paper towels and place in a big book until it is dry.

Why are my cards curling?

Humidity (moisture in the air) is the biggest reason why foil cards curl. … If you are in a particularly humid environment or if the material of the card seems to be holding excess moisture, the cardboard backing will expand while the front of the card stays the same size.

How do you flatten a card?

Place your card on a flat surface that can handle being heated up. Heat up the card with the hair dryer. When warmed up, bend the card in the direction it needs to go to flatten again. Place the card between the flat surface and a heavy object, such as a large book or other flat object.

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Can you press a baseball card?

There are several ways pressing can be used to alter a card. The most common use of pressing is to remove surface flaws such as bends, surface wrinkles and even full blown creases. … Creases are harder to get rid of by pressing only.