How do I get a Dr Fauci baseball card?

Where can I buy Fauci baseball cards?

There’s a description of the moment on the back of the card, which is number 2 in the season-long set that captures moments and milestones from the 2020 MLB season. The best place to find the Dr. Fauci trading card is on eBay.

Will Topps print more Fauci cards?

Topps made Dr.

In that period, over 51,000 people purchased Fauci’s card. That set an all-time print run record for Topps. The company will only print 51,512 cards featuring Fauci’s first pitch. It does not intend to reprint the card in the future.

How much is the Dr Fauci baseball card worth?

Recently, a Dr. Anthony Fauci MLB Topps Now card sold for $4,250 on eBay. The sale showed that political figures have become icons in every sense of the word. In a world that appreciates a good meme as much as it demands transparency from its leaders, someone like Dr.

How many Dr Fauci baseball cards are there?

They came out with this card and it apparently set a print run, so how many cards they made, of 51,512. They were sold for about $10 each so you’re looking at about $515,000 in sales in one day. That’s America for you right there.

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What is the most expensive baseball card?

Honus Wagner | Card Sold For: $6,606,000

The most valuable baseball card of all, the 1911 American Tobacco Company card of Honus Wagner.

What is the most valuable card?

Most Expensive Sports Trading Card Sales to Date

Player Card Price
1. Honus Wagner T206 SGC 3 $6.6 Million
T2. Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps $5.2 Million
T2. LeBron James 2003-04 Rookie Patch Autograph $5.2 Million
4. Luka Doncic* 1:1 Logoman Autographed $4.6 Million

How much are Mickey Mantle cards worth?

On the other hand, similar Mickey Mantle cards pale in comparison to the 1952 variant. Mickey Mantle’s 1951 Bowman Mantle card for only $1.4 million. However, other high-grade cards dwarf the Mickey Mantle card’s value. Just Collect, and MINT state owner Rick Snyder noted that one of those could sell for $10 million.