Who has the most wins in college baseball?

Who is the winningest college baseball team?

Winningest Baseball Programs as of Conclusion of 2017 Season

Rank (pct.) Rank (wins) Team
1 2 Texas
2 6 Florida State
3 20 Miami (Florida)
4 7 Arizona State

What is the best record in college baseball history?

Top 25 Winningest Programs in College Baseball History

  1. Fordham – 4,627 Wins, 160 seasons. …
  2. Texas – 3,526 Wins, 124 seasons. …
  3. Michigan – 2,970 Wins, 147 seasons. …
  4. Stanford – 2,956 Wins, 127 seasons. …
  5. Florida State – 2,936 Wins, 73 seasons. …
  6. Southern California – 2,919 Wins, 126 seasons. …
  7. Arizona State – 2,910 Wins, 109 seasons.

Who has the most wins in college baseball in 2021?

Texas tops the ranking thanks to an impressive array of returning talent, bolstered by the decisions of slugger Ivan Melendez and starter Tristan Stevens to return to school. Vanderbilt, Arkansas and 2021 national champion Mississippi State follow, with Stanford rounding out the top five.

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Who is the winningest coach in college baseball?

Coaches with 1,100 career wins

Rank Name Wins
1 Mike Martin 2029
2 Augie Garrido 1975
3 Gordie Gillespie 1893
4 Gene Stephenson 1768

Who is #1 college baseball?

The USA TODAY Sports baseball coaches poll is conducted weekly throughout the regular season using a panel of 31 head coaches at Division I schools.

Baseball Coaches Poll.

Rank 1
Team Mississippi State
Record 50-18
PTS 799
1st 31

Who is number 1 in college baseball?


1 Mississippi State 50-18
2 Vanderbilt 49-18
3 Texas 50-17

Who has the best baseball program?


Coming in as the top college baseball program in the nation over the span of the past five seasons is Mississippi State with 82 points. During that period, they won one SEC regular season conference championship and appeared in five regionals where they won 17 games.

Who has the most strikeouts in college baseball?


Rank Name SO
Rank Name SO
1 Jack Leiter 179
Kumar Rocker 179
3 Andrew Abbott 162

Has anyone went undefeated in college baseball?

The record for most wins in an undefeated FBS season is 15–0 accomplished in 2018 by Clemson and in 2019 by LSU. Following that the record is 14–0, accomplished in 2002 by Ohio State, twice in 2009 by Boise State and Alabama, in 2010 by Auburn, and in 2013 by Florida State.

Who leads the nation in home runs?


Rank Name HR
Rank Name HR
1 Wes Clarke 23
Matheu Nelson 23
3 Niko Kavadas 22
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Who has the best batting average in college?


Rank Name BA
Rank Name BA
1 Liam McGill .471
2 Dillan Shrum .468
3 Tristin Garcia .445

Who is the best pitcher in the NCAA?


Rank Name ERA
Rank Name ERA
1 Kevin Kopps .90
2 Payton Harris 1.29
3 Matt Mikulski 1.45

What college team has the most home runs?


Rank Team HR
Rank Team HR
1 Arkansas 109
2 Old Dominion 105
3 DBU 101

What percentage of pro baseball players go to college?

Major League Baseball Players Get College Degrees

That’s less that 5 percent of the entire league.

Who is the best college basketball coach of all time?

MORE CBB RECORDS: The 9 winningest college basketball teams

Rank Coach Seasons
1 Mike Krzyzewski* 46
2 Jim Boeheim* 45
3 Jim Calhoun* 43
4 Roy Williams 33