What are the two meanings of pitcher?

The definition of a pitcher is a container for liquids or the person who throws the ball to the batter in baseball and softball. An example of a pitcher is a container for holding and pouring lemonade. … A person who pitches; specif., the baseball player who pitches the ball to the opposing batters.

What is called pitcher?

pitcher noun [C] (THROW BASEBALL)

a person who pitches the baseball to a batter.

Which words mean the same as pitcher?


  • amphora.
  • bottle.
  • canteen.
  • carafe.
  • container.
  • crock.
  • cruet.
  • decanter.

What is the meaning of picture and pitcher?

the player on a baseball or other sports team who throws the ball at the batter 3.) a paving stone. Pitcher is derived from the Old French word pichier which means pot. A picture is a painting, portrait, drawing, image or impression or to make an image through art or description.

What does pitcher mean in literature?

a container for holding and pouring liquids: a pitcher of cream; a person who pitches: a baseball pitcher. Not to be confused with: picture – a work of art, as a painting, drawing, photograph, etc.; portrait; movie; any visual image; a person or thing resembling another closely: the very picture of her mother.

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Is pitcher an American word?

In American English, a pitcher is a container with a spout used for storing and pouring liquids. … The word is now unusual in informal English describing ordinary domestic vessels.

What is a synonym and antonym for pitcher?

noun. ( ˈpɪtʃɝ) The position on a baseball team of the player who throws the ball for a batter to try to hit. Antonyms. nonworker deglycerolize disarrange dominant.

What is a small pitcher called?

A creamer is a small pitcher or jug designed for holding cream or milk to be served with tea or coffee in the Western tradition. Creamers can be earthenware or porcelain, but also made of silver or other metals; a creamer is an obligatory part of a coffee or tea set, whether in silver or ceramics.

What is the sentence of pitcher?

Pitcher sentence example. A pitcher of lemonade was on the table. Ol’ Woodie was the greatest pitcher ever. In 1851 these balances, improved by Richard Pitcher , were introduced at the Royal Mint, and modifications of them are now used at most foreign mints.

What does pitcher mean in science?

1. A wide-mouthed, deep vessel for holding liquids, with a spout or protruding lip and a handle; a water jug or jar with a large ear or handle. 2. (Science: botany) A tubular or cuplike appendage or expansion of the leaves of certain plants.

Are Picture and pitcher homophones?

Picture and pitcher are easily confused words. Some Americans skip the “c” in picture, so the two words sound identical when they weren’t intended to sound that way. For example, some recipe books picture each of their steps and the final dish to help the reader cook at home. …

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What part of speech is the word pitcher?

pitcher 1

part of speech: noun
definition 1: a vessel, usu. with a handle and spout, used to contain and pour liquids, esp. for drinking. synonyms: jug similar words: bottle, carafe, decanter, ewer, jar, urn, vessel
definition 2: the amount that such a vessel will hold. synonyms: jug similar words: bottle, jar

Is a pitcher a cup?

The answer is: The change of 1 ptch ( beer pitcher ) unit for a volume and capacity measure equals = into 8.00 cup ( cup US ) as per its equivalent volume and capacity unit type measure often used.