How much is a Ryne Sandberg baseball card worth?

Sandberg’s 1983 Topps rookie card is valued around $370 in PSA 10. A 9 is still a good value around $30. The 1983 Sandberg Fleer (and the 1983 Donruss) picture him at bat in his 1980s “Cubbie Blue” pinstripe uniform. The ’83 Fleer has proven to be the most plentiful in Gem Mint 10 and prices reflect the availability.

How much is a Ryne Sandberg All Star card worth?

The estimated market value is $12.51.

Mavin found 383 sold results, ranging in value from $0.27 to $124.99. Use the check boxes to choose comparables and save a price estimate.

What year was Ryne Sandberg rookie card?

1983 Topps Ryne Sandberg Rookie Baseball Card #83 Cubs.

What MLB cards are worth money?

9 of the Most Valuable Baseball Cards in History

  • Honus Wagner | Card Sold For: $6,606,000. …
  • Mickey Mantle | Card Sold For: $5.2 Million. …
  • Babe Ruth | Card Sold For: $4,212,000. …
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  • Mike Trout | Card Sold For: $3.9 Million. …
  • Nolan Ryan | Card Sold For: $600,000.
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What is the rarest baseball card ever?

Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Sold

  • 1909 T206 Sherry Magee (Error) …
  • 1909 American Caramel E90-1 Joe Jackson. …
  • 1909 T206 Eddie Plank. …
  • 1963 Topps Pete Rose (Tie) …
  • 1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth (Tie) …
  • 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle. …
  • 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. Price: $2.88 million. …
  • 1909 T206 Honus Wagner. Price: $3.12 million.

How much is a 1990 Ryne Sandberg baseball card worth?

Ryne Sandberg #210 1990 Topps

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-11-20 1990 Ryne Sandberg Topps Baseball Card #210 HOF Cubs #210 $0.49
2021-11-16 1990 Topps #210 Ryne Sandberg CUBS MINT *139 $0.80
2021-10-24 1990 Topps Baseball Card #210 Ryne Sandberg – Chicago Cubs #210 $1.50
2021-09-30 1990 Topps #210: Ryne Sandberg $1.25

How much is a Kirby Puckett card worth?

Kirby Puckett Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
1985 Kirby Puckett Topps Rookie Baseball Card Graded PSA 7 NM $89.00
1985 Leaf Kirby Puckett Rookie Card #107-Twins-NMMT⚾-FREE SHIPPING $14.25
1985 Topps #536 Kirby Puckett – Rookie Card – Offset $8.89
1985 Topps Baseball #536 Kirby Puckett Rookie Card RC Twins HOF (2 cards) $18.00

What is a Wade Boggs rookie card worth?

Though generally very common, Topps Boggs rookie cards are quite tough to get in a 10 grade. They’re prone to centering issues and other tiny defects and are currently selling for over $1,000 (PSA Gem Mint 10). Much more affordable are PSA 9s. Nice, ungraded copies usually sell for under $25.

How many Derek Jeter rookie cards are there?

Derek Jeter Rookie Card Details

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After being drafted by the Yankees in 1992, Jeter appeared in several 1993 MLB sets put out by Topps, Upper Deck and Score. All told, there are eight different Derek Jeter Rookie Cards to track down.

How much is a Cal Ripken Jr baseball card worth?

Cal Ripken Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
1982 Fleer Baseball Complete Set (660) Cards w/ Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie Card. MINT $127.50
1982 Topps Cal Ripken #21 ROOKIE Baseball Card Beautiful Card!! ORIOLES $49.99

What baseball card brand is most valuable?

Topps is the baseball card brand; the king of the castle. The early entrant and supplier of the greatest cards in history, the survivor of the great cardboard crash of the 90s, and now the sole holder of MLB rights and logos. If you think of your favorite player, their most valuable card is most likely from Topps.

How do I find out what my sports cards are worth?

The best way to see your cards value is to check previous sales data. As most cards are sold online these days, you can easily find the sales values from popular card sites.

Are unopened baseball cards worth anything?

They were sold primarily from the 1950’s through the early 1990’s. Vintage vending cases, still unopened, can sell for tens of thousands of dollars while those from the ‘overproduction era’ of 1987-1991 often selling for $200 and less.

How much is a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle worth?

The iconic 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card is one of the world’s most valuable cards. In fact, even in very rough condition, this card can command top dollar. In January of this year, a ’52 Topps Mantle graded PSA 9 was sold for 5.2 MILLION dollars!

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