How much does a cardboard cutout cost in MLB?

Each cutout costs $50 with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Brewers Community Foundation (BCF).

How much are cardboard cutouts MLB?

The LA Dodgers are charging $149 for field-level/loge seats and $299 for Pavilion Home run seats (outfield)/Dugout club (behind the plate). Meanwhile, other teams have flat rates, such as the San Francisco Giants charging $99 per cardboard cutout and the Cleveland Indians at $100.

How much do cardboard cut outs cost?

Pricing. A standard cutout up to 30″ wide is $30 per foot of height (minimum 3 feet), cutouts 30″-36″ wide are $35 per foot of height and cutouts 36″-44″ wide are $40 per foot of height (minimum 3 feet).

How much does it cost to have your picture at a baseball game?

For season ticket holders, the cost of a game face will be $25 each, while the general public will pay $40 per game face.

How much does it cost to get a cardboard cutout at Dodger Stadium?

Cutouts in the dugout club or the new pavilion “home run” seats just beyond the outfield wall go for $299, while cutouts on the field and loge levels will sell for $149. The cost is for the entire regular season. Proceeds from the sale of these cutouts at Dodger Stadium will go to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation.

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How much does it cost to put your face in the stands?

For $100, you can send the Astros a photo of yourself and it will be turned into a cutout and placed in an outfield seat during home games. Proceeds will go to the Astros Foundation, the team’s official charity.

Where does the money from the cardboard cutouts go?

The money made from the baseball cardboard cutouts, however, would often go to charities. When the Mariners came up with the plan, other teams did the same to help their local charities, with the Los Angeles Dodgers raising almost $1.5 million for their foundation.

How much did Super Bowl cutouts cost?

The NFL made 30,000 cardboard cutout fans to fill the empty seats and make the game look closer to capacity. The cutouts cost $100 each. The cardboard fans are also spread out in a way to keep real fans safe.

How do you waterproof a cardboard cutout?

So you could seal it with waterproof (or at least water-resistant) liquids, or with waterproof tapes (duct tape, clear packing tape, etc), or by using something like shrink-wrap plastic or other solid but flexible plastics, or with flexible metals like aluminum foil, or even just by enclosing it inside a waterproof …

When can I pick up my Dodger cutout?

A. Cutouts should arrive no later than December 11th for shipping arranged by the November 22nd deadline.