How do you juice a baseball bat?

Juice your bat through the process of shaving and rolling it. This process can dramatically improve the performance of a bat. Many players are choosing to play in pick up games, outlaw tournaments and other places where juiced bats are legal to use.

How do you juice a metal baseball bat?

Hit all sides of the barrel of the bat several times with a rubber mallet to thin the walls of the bat, much like shaving but with less chance of getting caught. This will age the bat prematurely, but it will have a juicing effect.

What is a juiced up bat?

Bat Juicing is a term used by most for the bat rolling or shaving processes. Juicing a bat is done to primarily increase the performance to maximize the distance of your hits. … We’ve heard stories of people running their bat over with a car to compress the barrel.

What does putting tennis balls in a bat do?

The Effect of Tennis Balls Inside Aluminum Baseball Bats on the Distance a Baseball is Hit. In baseball it is desirable to hit the ball as far as possible. Players will illegally modify bats with cork, or sometimes tennis balls. Place tennis balls inside aluminum bats to see if the baseball will travel farther.

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Why Is bat Rolling Illegal?

Bat rolling is not illegal. As a matter of fact, all composite bats must be rolled in testing before they are deemed legal for play. This is to make sure that as the bat gets hotter after more use, and it will not exceed the bat performance standards put in place.

How do you break in a baseball bat?

Breaking in your composite bat is fun, easy, and can be done in about an hour. To properly break in your composite bat, we recommend taking 150-200 swings playing soft toss or off a tee using real baseballs. Begin swinging at 40% power and work your way up to full strength as you get closer to 200 swings.

How do you juice a bat?

Remove the end cap of the bat.

  1. Gently work a screwdriver in between the end cap and the wall of the bat.
  2. Use the screwdriver’s leverage to begin pushing the cap up and out of the bat’s barrel.
  3. Move the screwdriver to another spot between the cap and the barrel.
  4. Don’t push too hard.

What does rolling and shaving a bat do?

Rolling is the process of compressing a composite bat between two rollers to accelerate the break-in period. … Shaving is the process of removing the bats end-cap and shaving the insides of the bat walls to make the bat walls thinner, giving the bat far more of a trampoline effect than legally and safely allowed.

How do you break in a bat fast?

Hitting composite bats at speeds faster than they are designed to withstand can cause premature cracking and damage the bat before reaching its full performance potential.

  1. Hit 50 balls off a tee using about 50% power. …
  2. Hit 50 balls off a tee using about 75% power. …
  3. Hit 50 balls from soft-toss using about 75% power.
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Does rolling a bat really work?

Many bat rolling companies advertise that they use “Heat Rolling”. … We have done extensive testing rolling bats after heating them and found that it actually is counterproductive to breaking in the bat. The heat temporarily stretches out the bat’s fibers so that when you roll it you are not accomplishing any break in.

Can you tell if a bat is rolled?

Other ways to tell if a bat has been rolled is the graphics peeling off the bat in odd places, normally where the end of the rollers meet the bat. Another way to tell if a bat has been rolled is by residue from bat roller material left behind on the bat. On some bats there are “roller marks” left on the bat.

Can you cork a metal baseball bat?

Major League Baseball uses wooden bats. Aluminum bats are used from Little League to the collegiate level. A corked bat, whether it be wooden or aluminum, is against the rules and unethical in the sport of baseball. … Remember, after the bat is corked, you can not use it for competitive play.

What do you use to cork a bat?

You just drill a hole in the end of the bat, about 1-inch in diameter, and about 10-inches deep. You fill the hole with cork, superballs, or styrofoam – if you leave the hole empty the bat sounds quite different, enough to give you away. Then you glue a wooden plug, like a 1-inch dowel, in to the end.