Your question: Who are the FS1 baseball announcers tonight?

Who are the announcers on fs1 right now?


  • Kate Abdo.
  • Ben Andrews.
  • Glenn Davis.
  • JP Dellacamera.
  • Jenn Hildreth.
  • Francisco X. Rivera.
  • Rob Stone.
  • John Strong.

Who are the announcers on FOX MLB Tonight?


  • Kenny Albert (#2 play-by-play, since 2001), (fill in lead play by play 2015)
  • Joe Buck (lead play-by-play, since 1996)
  • Kevin Burkhardt (studio host, since 2014), (fill in play-by-play, since 2015)
  • Joe Davis (play-by-play, since 2015), (fill in lead play-by-play, since 2018)

Who is broadcasting with Joe Buck tonight?

Saints with Troy Aikman in Week 8. Fans tuning into the Sunday afternoon Fox game will hear a perhaps-unfamiliar voice alongside Troy Aikman. Fox broadcaster Joe Davis will fill in for regular Joe Buck in Sunday’s Buccaneers-Saints game as the latter takes on another assignment.

Who are YouTube baseball announcers today?

MLB Network announcer Scott Braun will be joined by analyst Chris Young and on-field reporter Brett Dolan. MLB Network’s Stephen Nelson and Mike Lowell will host the MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube pregame show beginning at 10:30am PDT.

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Who is the female on FS1?

Jenny Taft (born September 5, 1987) is an American sports television personality, serving as the moderator on Fox Sports 1’s Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. Taft additionally works as a lead college football sideline reporter on Fox Sports 1 (FS1) broadcasts.

Who are Fox halftime announcers?

At halftime on FOX, NFL Network and Amazon Prime Video, Menefee, Long, Strahan and Olsen break down the first half. Following the game, Wolfe, Thomas, Smith Sr. and Irvin host the postgame show on NFL Network and are joined by a star of the game. Additional postgame coverage continues at 12 Midnight ET on NFL Network.

Who are the announcers for the Red Sox game tonight on Fox?

The commentators include host Kevin Burkhardt, Red Sox legend David Ortiz, Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, and Rodriguez, who was a frequent target of boos at Fenway during his time with the Yankees.

Who is announcing the ALCS on Fox?

Later in the day, acclaimed play-by-play announcer Joe Davis, Smoltz and Emmy Award-winning reporter Ken Rosenthal cover the action, as the Boston Red Sox take on the Tampa Bay Rays at 8:00 PM ET on FS1. Buck, calling his 24th Fall Classic, reunites with Smoltz, Rosenthal and Verducci for the ALCS and World Series.

Who is the announcer for the World Series?


Year Network Color commentator(s)
2019 Fox John Smoltz
2018 Fox John Smoltz
2017 Fox John Smoltz
2016 Fox John Smoltz

Who is Joe Buck’s wife?

Aikman, the three-time Super Bowl-winning Cowboys QB, has been the lead analyst for FOX’s NFL game coverage for the last 20 years, working alongside Joe Buck. Michaels, meanwhile, works down the street as the play-by-play man for Sunday Night Football on NBC, working with Cris Collinsworth.

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Who are the MLB Network commentators?


  • Yonder Alonso: (2021–present) MLB Tonight.
  • Sean Casey: (2009–present) MLB Tonight.
  • Ron Darling: (2013–present) MLB Tonight and Hot Stove.
  • Ryan Dempster: (2014–present) MLB Tonight.
  • Mark DeRosa: (2014–present) MLB Tonight and MLB Central.
  • Cliff Floyd: (2013–present) MLB Tonight.

What station is baseball on tonight?

Currently, rights to nationally televised MLB games are held by several groups, namely ESPN, Fox Sports, Turner Sports, and YouTube. Each team also has its own regional broadcasters that air games not picked up by one of the national outlets.