What MLB player holds the record for most consecutive games played ever?

A quarter century ago, Cal Ripken Jr. broke one of baseball’s most unbreakable records, toppling Lou Gehrig’s 2,130-game streak, which stood for 56 years, in 1995. Ripken went on to play 501 more games and set the record at a seemingly unreachable 2,632 games.

What MLB player has the most consecutive games played?


Rank Player Streak
1 Cal Ripken, Jr. 2,632
2 Lou Gehrig 2,130
3 Everett Scott 1,307
4 Steve Garvey 1,207

Which player has the highest number of consecutive on base appearance in MLB history?

Ted Williams: Consecutive Games Reaching Base

Likewise, there are fans out there that place far more value on Ted Williams’ 84 consecutive games reaching base streak than on Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak.

How many games did Derek Jeter play consecutively?

Derek Jeter’s streak of reaching base in 54 straight games came to an end on this day against the Mets. In a 7-2 loss in the Bronx, Jeter was kept off the basepaths, while Roger Clemens saw a streak of his own end. His run of 20 consecutive victories was snapped, which was an American League record.

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What’s the record for most consecutive games with a homerun?

“More than anyone else, Dale Long can relate to New York Yankees first baseman Don Mattingly’s feat of homering in eight consecutive games. Long set the major-league record for homers in consecutive games while playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates May 19-28, 1956.

What is the record for most consecutive at bats with a hit?

The longest on record is a three-way tie: the Tigers’ Walt Dropo (1952), the Red Sox’s Pinky Higgins (1938) and the Cubs’ Johnny Kling (1902) all got hits in 12 straight at-bats.

Who holds the record for most consecutive scoreless innings?

During the 1988 Major League Baseball season, pitcher Orel Hershiser of the Los Angeles Dodgers set the MLB record for consecutive scoreless innings pitched. Over 59 consecutive innings, opposing hitters did not score a run against Hershiser.

What is the record for most consecutive hits to start a season?

The Major League Baseball modern era (post-1900) record for most consecutive hits to begin a season is 8 by Yermin Mercedes (Dominican Republic) while playing for the Chicago White Sox (USA) on 2-3 April 2021.

Which baseball player is known as the Iron Man?

Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr.

(born August 24, 1960), nicknamed “The Iron Man”, is an American former baseball shortstop and third baseman who played 21 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Baltimore Orioles (1981–2001).

Was Derek Jeter always a Yankee?

Jeter was the 28th player to reach 3,000 hits and finished his career ranked sixth in MLB history in career hits and first among shortstops. In 2017, the Yankees retired his uniform number 2.

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Derek Jeter
Runs batted in 1,311
New York Yankees (1995–2014)
Career highlights and awards

How many games did Lou Gehrig play in a row?

Gehrig is chiefly known for playing in 2,130 consecutive games for the Yankees, a magnificent streak long thought to have been unbreakable until Cal Ripken, Jr. came along.

Has any team ever hit 5 consecutive home runs?

Hitting is often perceived to be contagious, and baseball has seen a handful of back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs over the years, with seven such instances in league history. However, no team has ever gone yard in five consecutive at-bats, though it seems like it’s only a matter of time.

What is the record for most HR in a game?

Mark Whiten tied Jim Bottomley for the most runs batted in in a single game with 12 in his four-homer game. Shawn Green hit a double and a single along with his four home runs for 19 total bases, an MLB record.


Player Name of the player
Career HR The number of home runs the player hit in his MLB career

What is it called when you strike out 5 times in a game?

The “Olympic Rings” or platinum sombrero applies to a player striking out five times in a game. A horn refers to a player striking out six times in a game; the term was coined by pitcher Mike Flanagan after teammate Sam Horn of the Baltimore Orioles accomplished the feat in an extra-inning game in 1991.