Quick Answer: What teams have the highest payroll in baseball?

What team in the MLB has the highest payroll?

MLB Team Payroll Tracker

Rank Team 2022 Total Payroll
1 New York Yankees NYY $210,285,714
2 Los Angeles Dodgers LAD $193,008,333
3 San Diego Padres SD $178,097,618
4 Chicago White Sox CHW $156,133,334

Which MLB team has the highest payroll 2021?

MLB Teams With Highest Payrolls in 2021

Team Total Payroll
1. Los Angeles Dodgers $194,839,000
2. New York Yankees $179,040,714
3. New York Mets $166,904,168
4. Los Angeles Angels $162,193,094

What is Yankees payroll?

This season, Cot’s estimated the Yankees’ Opening Day 2021 payroll at $197.625 million, with the luxury tax figure just under $208 million. So, the total dollar baseline increase is a bit over $30 million, whereas the luxury tax payroll is up around $14 million.

Which MLB team has the highest payroll 2019?

MLB Team Payroll Tracker

Rank Team 2019 Total Payroll
1 Boston Red Sox BOS $229,196,106
2 New York Yankees NYY $223,019,037
3 CHC $221,590,085
4 Los Angeles Dodgers LAD $207,000,814

What is Blue Jays payroll?

The 2021 payroll was about $135 million to $140 million, which means another bump to $150 million or $160 million, if not more, should be expected this winter. That leaves general manager Ross Atkins with upwards of $40 million to $50 million to spend on upgrading his roster prior to next season.

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What is luxury tax salary in MLB?

If a club “dips below the luxury tax threshold for a season, the penalty level is reset.” In addition to the luxury tax, “clubs that exceed the threshold by $20 million to $40 million are also subject to a 12 percent surtax.


Year Threshold
2019 $206 million
2020 $208 million
2021 $210 million

Who is the lowest paid MLB player?

Lowest-paid MLB players

MLB Player Team Annual earnings
Michael Kopech Chicago White Sox $570,500
Trevor Stephan Cleveland $570,500
Ben Bowden Colorado $570,500
Akil Baddoo Detroit $570,500

What is the Atlanta Braves payroll?

On a pro-rated basis, that 2020 payroll would easily have been the highest to start a season in team history, coming in around $155.7 million. Since reality brought that number back to $57.7 million, that left 2021 as the new record year: $131.4 million.

How much is the LA Dodgers payroll?

The Dodgers started the season with a projected competitive balance tax payroll of roughly $257 million, so adding these deals would put them even higher. Major League Baseball’s competitive balance tax threshold for this season is $210 million.

Who has the highest payroll in baseball 2020?

MLB Team Payroll Tracker

Rank Team 2020 Total Payroll
1 New York Yankees NYY $111,939,081
2 Los Angeles Dodgers LAD $107,917,397
3 CHC $86,596,171
4 Boston Red Sox BOS $84,210,390

What is the Dodgers payroll for 2020?

Los Angeles Dodgers payroll 2020

The Dodgers’ payroll in 2020 is $107.9 million, the second-highest in baseball behind the Yankees. LA’s highest-paid player is franchise legend and left-handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

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