Question: How much dirt do I need for a softball field?

What kind of dirt is used on a softball field?

Infield Mix

Ideal mix for baseball and softball fields consists of approximately 40% clay/silt and 60% sand.

How many sq ft is a softball infield?


Field Type Pitch Dist. Total Turf Area (sq ft)
College 43 ft 32,000
High School Fast Pitch 43 ft 32,000
Female 40 ft 32,000
Male 46 ft 32,000

How deep should infield mix be?

Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix should be put down to a depth of 3” – 6” on a standard infield renovation. Once laid evenly, we suggest watering your infield with ½ inch of water, rolling it with a 1000 pound roller to achieve proper compaction, and then laser grading it out at 1/2%.

How many tons of dirt are in a baseball field?

Baseball/Softball Field Calculator

Baseball AMP Infield Mix Needed Per Compacted Inch
Field Type Base Paths All Skin
Pro 90′ 86 tons
College 90′ 86 tons
High School 90′ 86 tons
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How deep is the dirt on a baseball field?

When constructing a new field or rebuilding an existing one, the general depth of the infield material for the baselines is approximately 5 inches.

How much does baseball dirt cost?

This product is a mixture of our loam and red lava sand, and is a popular blend for baseball fields and tracks. We sell this mix in three ratios: 50/50 loam to lava sand, 60/40 loam to lava sand, and 70/30 loam to lava sand.

Product Prices & Quantities:

Unit Price
Per Yard: 60/40 Mix $53.00
Per Yard: 70/30 Mix $58.00

What kind of dirt goes on a baseball field?

Ballfield dirt is a blend of water and three grades of sediment: sand, silt, and clay. Clay is mineral particles smaller than 2 micrometers, or 0.002 mm; it is plastic when wet and solid when dry. Clay furnishes strength and holds moisture.

What are the dimensions of a softball field?

Softball Field Dimensions

Baseline 65′ 60′
Home to Second 91′ 11” 84′ 10”
Home to Front of Rubber 50′ 40′
Radius of Skinned Infield 65′ 60′
Home Plate to Backstop 25′ min 25′ min

How much turface do I need?

With most infield mixes, the recommendation for Turface® incorporation is about one ton (roughly 40 bags) of product per 1,000 square feet of skinned area. This results in approximately 10 tons of Turface for a high school, college or professional field with 90 foot baselines and grass infield.

What is a skinned infield?

Every skinned infield is comprised of three unique components: Sand, Silt, and Clay. … Theoretically, you might be able to play a baseball game on an infield made out of 100% sand, but only if you have a sufficient amount of water after every pitch to keep the surface firm and playable.

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How do you soften a softball infield?

One remedy may be to add light layers of heavier clay soil and mix into the the soil profile until the right mix is achieved. Every year or two it may be necessary to till the infield. This will bring some of the clay back to the surface. This process will help the surface to firm up.

How do you find the area of a softball field?

In determining area in sports fields, we are typically dealing with rectangles, circles, and triangles. The rectangles are easy, just length times width equals square feet. A football field would be 160′ x 360′ or 57,600 SF.

How much sand do you need to Topdress a baseball field?

The amount of topdressing material needed will depend on the purpose of the topdressing. A light application, a 1/8″ – 3/8″ layer which is about ½ – 1¼ cubic yards for each 1,000 sq.

Topdressing amounts.

Approximate Depth (inches) Approximate Amount Needed cubic yards/1,000 sq. ft.
3/8 1.2
½ 1.5
¾ 2.3

How much grass is on a baseball field?

Base paths are 60 feet long and are typically 3 feet wide. This means the grass area is a square that is 54 feet by 54 feet. So, the infield grass area is about 2900 square feet. It is really less than that when you account for the base cutouts and the mound, but for planning purposes this number is close enough.