Is Mickey Lolich in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

There is no doubt in my mind that Mickey Lolich is a Hall of Famer. His 217-191 career record holds him back. The win target had always been 300; if you achieve 300 wins as a starting pitcher or perhaps 3000 strikeouts, you can punch your own ticket to the hall.

How much is a Mickey Lolich baseball card worth?

Mickey Lolich Baseball Trading Card Values

1964 Topps #128 Mickey Lolich $16.14 $2.53
1976 Topps #385 Mickey Lolich $1.14 $0.44
1976 Topps Traded #385T Mickey Lolich $0.41 $0.34
1977 Topps #565 Mickey Lolich $0.75 $0.34
1979 Topps #164 Mickey Lolich $0.26 $0.37

What Detroit Tigers are in the Hall of Fame?

Baseball Hall of Famers

Player Years played with Tigers
Jack Morris 1977-1990
Hal Newhouser 1939-1953
Ivan Rodriguez 2004-2008
Al Simmons 1936

Which well known pitcher has not been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

It also includes “Black” Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte who is banned from baseball, and not eligible for the HOF. “Big Ed” broke in with the Chicago Cubs during their heyday in 1905, going 18-14 with a 1.42 ERA. He continued to dominate major league hitters for the next five years.

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Why is Norm Cash not in the Hall of Fame?

Along with the batting title, Cash hit 41 home runs and drove in 132 runs that season as well. 1961 wasnt just his only good year, however. Stormin Norman was four time All-Star who hit 377 home runs in his 17 year career. One reason he may not have been elected was because he admitted to using a corked bat.

How many Detroit Tigers are in Hall of Fame?

There are 27 Tigers in Cooperstown, from Ty Cobb to Jack Morris. Only eight of those were inducted by the BBWAA in the general vote, while the rest were either voted on by the Veterans or Old Timers committees.

How many Detroit Lions are in the Hall of Fame?

The Lions’ long history has been filled with dynamic personalities including 14 members of the franchise who were elected to the Hall of Fame.

Who is the greatest Detroit Tiger of all time?

10 Greatest Detroit Tigers players in franchise history

  • 4) OF – ‘MR. TIGER’ – AL KALINE.
  • 1) OF – TY COBB.

What does Opie’s mean in baseball?

On-base plus slugging (OPS) is a sabermetric baseball statistic calculated as the sum of a player’s on-base percentage and slugging percentage. The ability of a player both to get on base and to hit for power, two important offensive skills, are represented.

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What Hall of Fame pitcher has the fewest wins?

The Hall of Fame starter with the lowest number of career wins is Candy Cummings with 145. Dizzy Dean has 150.

Is George Kell in the Hall of Fame?

Kell was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1983. He passed away on March 24, 2009. “I have always said that George Kell has taken more from this great game of baseball than he can ever give back,” said Kell at his 1983 Hall of Fame induction.

Is Bill Freehan in the Hall of Fame?

However, Freehan is a Hall of Fame catcher who is not in the Hall of Fame. There is no stat called making a pitcher better. He caught Denny McLain when he won 31 games and when workhorse Mickey Lolich won three World Series games in that same season in 1968.

Did Kevin Cash play baseball?

Early life. Cash played for Northside Little League in Tampa, Florida, as a second baseman on the team that reached the 1989 Little League World Series. He later played college baseball for the Florida State Seminoles baseball team under head coach Mike Martin.