How can you prevent injuries in softball?

Has anyone died playing softball?

A 12-year-old softball player suffered a brain injury when she was hit in the head with a ball during practice, and died a day later, police and family said.

Whats the most common injury in softball?

Shoulder injuries are the most common for softball players, especially for pitchers. Tendonitis, or inflammation of the tendons, is very common in the shoulder or rotator cuff.

Is softball a dangerous sport?

While softball isn’t generally considered a dangerous sport, the National Center for Health Statistics reports that baseball and softball account for 9.4 percent of sports-related visits to the emergency room—almost as many as football (10.3 percent).

How many people get hurt playing softball?


63,795 – Average number of injuries per year in softball, which means the sport produces the seventh most injuries out of 33 sports analyzed. 94,273 – Number of softball injuries reported in 2015. 1,686 – Average number of concussions per year.

How many injuries are in softball?

Results: The overall incidence injury rate was 4.5/1000 athlete-exposures (AEs), with more injuries overall in softball players (5.6/1000 AEs) than in baseball players (4.0/1000 AEs).

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What causes softball injuries?

Other common risk factors for softball injuries include

The windmill motion of softball pitching places unique stress on the back, neck, shoulder, forearm, and wrist of the softball pitcher. Most softball injuries are overuse injuries and pitchers are at a risk for this type of injury.

How do you prevent strains?

You can help prevent sprains and strains by:

  1. Avoiding exercise or playing sports when tired or in pain.
  2. Eating a well-balanced diet to keep muscles strong.
  3. Maintaining a healthy weight.
  4. Trying to avoid falling (for example, put sand or salt on icy spots on your front steps or sidewalks).
  5. Wearing shoes that fit well.

How do softballs prevent ankle sprains?

Ankle sprains are the most common injury

Most ankle sprains can be treated by following the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate) protocol. In order to prevent ankle sprains from sliding, the researchers recommend that softball players be trained on proper sliding technique.

How do most injuries occur?

Most of the injuries occurred as a result of falls, being struck by an object, collisions, and overexertion during unorganized or informal sports activities.

How can you prevent tendonitis?

To reduce your chance of developing tendinitis, follow these suggestions:

  1. Ease up. Avoid activities that place excessive stress on your tendons, especially for prolonged periods. …
  2. Mix it up. …
  3. Improve your technique. …
  4. Stretch. …
  5. Use proper workplace ergonomics. …
  6. Prepare your muscles to play.

Can a softball break bones?

GOINGDEEP. A “perfect” hit, I’m sorry for my terminology, yes it can “chip” or “fracture” a bone. Compound fracture that you can see, not at that speed.

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Can a softball break your ankle?

Softball players should be aware of the following risks: Ankle sprains may occur while running, fielding balls and stepping on or sliding into bases. Sprains should be evaluated by a foot and ankle surgeon to determine the extent of injury, including possible peroneal tendon injuries or fractures.

What are the risks of softball?

Compared to other sports, softball has a relatively low injury rate. Common injuries in softball are ankle sprains, followed by knee strains, concussions, and upper leg strains. During practices, the most common injuries are ankle sprains, followed by upper leg strains, shoulder strains, and knee injuries.