Has there ever been a left handed MLB catcher?

The last left-handed catcher to play in the big leagues was Benny Distefano, who caught three games for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1989. Before Distefano, there had only been a handful: Jack Clements, Dale Long and Mike Squires to name a few. … “Bunts toward third base cause problems for left-handed catchers,” he said.

How many MLB catchers have been left-handed?

The Last left-handed throwing catcher to play the position was Benny Distefano who caught 3 games in 1989 for Pittsburgh. Through the 2008 season there have been 236 catchers (primary career position) who batted left-handed (out of the 1,693 career catchers). Of the 236 bat left catchers 225 threw right-handed.

Do lefties catchers in baseball?

But when a left-handed batter is up to bat against a left-handed pitcher, the caught-stealing rate (30.1%) is better than when a right-handed batter is facing a lefty pitcher (28.7%). Sign up to receive our daily Morning Lineup to stay in the know about the latest trending topics around Major League Baseball.

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Has there ever been a left-handed shortstop MLB?

While right-handed throwers can be found at any of the nine positions on a baseball field, left-handers are, in practice, restricted to five of them. You won’t find a lefty at catcher, second base, shortstop or third base.

Has there ever been a one armed catcher in baseball?

Peter James Gray (né Wyshner; March 6, 1915 – June 30, 2002) was an American professional baseball outfielder who played for the St. Louis Browns of Major League Baseball in 1945, despite having lost his right arm in a childhood accident.

Who was the last left-handed MLB catcher?

Benny Distefano, who played first base and pitched for Lafayette High School (1978-80), is the last left-handed throwing catcher to have played in the major leagues.

Can you be a lefty catcher?

Twenty years ago this Tuesday, Distefano, then a hanging-on major leaguer, served as a left-handed catcher in a major league baseball game. No one has done so since. Like Ladies Night and pitchers named Wilbur, left-handed catchers are effectively extinct — for reasons on which there is bizarrely little consensus.

Why are there no left-handed shortstops?

A catcher and shortstop’s mobility is limited by being left-handed. While a right-handed thrower will naturally be in the position to get the ball where it needs to be, a left-handed thrower’s awkward range of motion and form adds precious milliseconds to a play in a game where every tiny thing counts.

Why can’t lefties play third base?

The baseball shortstop is one of most difficult baseball positions on the baseball field to play. … The only positions lefty baseball players should play are pitcher, firstbase and outfield positions. The problem is that so few players can play shortstop and third base there is a supply and demand problem.

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What hand does a lefty wear a baseball glove?

Conversely, a left-handed glove (LH or LHT) is worn on the right hand, allowing the player to throw the ball with the left hand.

Can lefties play left field?

A manager or coach wants high-quality left-handed pitchers and power hitters, yet there are relatively few positions for left-handed players to occupy on the field. There are no rules against lefties occupying certain positions, but tradition and practicality limit the positions they can play.

Which sport Cannot be played left-handed?

The banning of left-handed playing in a game of polo is for safety reasons in order to avoid the likelihood of a head-on collision between players. As a left-handed player and a right-handed player head for the ball, they would not pass each other as they do in right-hand only games.

Why do lefties throw differently?

There are countless ways to move the ball and each pitcher has his own unique way. The increased movement of a left handed pitcher’s fastball is a product of their intent and focus to throw the ball down and away from right handed hitters, plain and simple!

How did Pete Gray lose his arm?

Gray was 6 years old when he lost his right arm in an accident while hitching a ride on the running board of a produce truck. The driver had to stop suddenly and Gray fell off and got his right arm caught and mangled in the spokes of a wheel.

Who was the one-handed catcher?

It was Deion Sanders. Yes, that Deion Sanders — the NFL Hall of Famer, who also played in MLB in the 1990s. That may be officially when Terry, the 15-year-old one-armed catcher from Cornersville, hit prime time.

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Did Jim Abbott throw a no-hitter?

As a member of the Yankees, he threw a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians in 1993. Abbott retired with a career record of 87 wins and 108 losses, along with a 4.25 earned run average. He currently works as a motivational speaker.

Jim Abbott
Win–loss record 87–108
Earned run average 4.25
Strikeouts 888