Best answer: Is St Mirren pitch plastic?

Does St Mirren pitch grass?

St Mirren Park, also known as The Simple Digital Arena and The SMISA Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is a football stadium in Paisley, Scotland. It is the home of St Mirren.

St Mirren Park.

Field size 105m x 68m (115y x 74y)
Acreage 12.5
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Yes

Are St Mirren Catholic or Protestant?

Saint Mirin or Mirren, a Catholic monk and missionary from Ireland ( c. 565 – c. 620), is also known as Mirren of Benchor (now called Bangor), Merinus, Merryn and Meadhrán.

What is St Mirren ground called?

The traditional home colours of St Mirren are black and white stripes, however for the first season the colours were scarlet and blue. There is some dispute as to why the colours black and white were chosen. A popular theory is that the stripes represent the Black and White Cart rivers which run through Paisley.

How far is Glasgow from St Mirren?

The distance between Glasgow and St Mirren FC is 7 miles. The road distance is 9.8 miles.

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When did St Mirren move ground?

Following twelve years playing at Westmarch, St Mirren moved in 1894 in response to a 100% rent increase by the landlord who appeared to have lost interest in hosting football on his land. The club found a former brickworks at the foot of Love Street which could be rented for an initial ten years on reasonable terms.

Who are St Mirren rivals?

The Renfrewshire derby is a football derby in Scotland, contested between the senior clubs Greenock Morton and St Mirren.

Why are St Mirren called the buddies?

It comes from the old Scottish custom of calling a person a “body”, pronounced “buddy”. As in, “naebody kens”, or “Gin a body meet a body/ Comin’ through the rye…”

How much do St Mirren players earn?

The average annual player salary in that season was 1.12 million U.S. dollars, while in Hamilton, the lowest paying club in the Scottish Premiership, it was 51.44 thousand U.S. dollars.

Characteristic Average player salary in thousand U.S. dollars
St Mirren 60.78
Livingston 53.88
Hamilton 51.44

How many times has St Mirren won the league?

Founded in 1877, Paisley-based St Mirren have spent the majority of their history in the top division of the Scottish football league system, having been one of the founder members of the Scottish Football League in 1890. They have never won the competition, finishing 3rd in 1893, matched 87 years later in 1980.

What is the capacity of St Mirren Park?

The Paisley club were founder members of the Scottish League in 1890. They have won the Scottish Cup three times in 1926, 1958 and 1987. They became the only Scots winners of the Ango-Scottish Cup in 1980.


When did St Mirren last win a cup?

St Mirren won the final 3-2 against Hearts. It was their first major trophy since the 1987 Scottish Cup victory.

2013 Scottish League Cup Final.

The match programme cover.
Event 2012–13 Scottish League Cup
Date 17 March 2013
Venue Hampden Park, Glasgow
Man of the Match Paul McGowan (St Mirren)

Why are St Johnstone called St Johnstone?

St Johnstone Football Club derives its name from Saint John’s Toun (town) which was the ancient name for the City of Perth and was founded by a group of young men from the cricket team of the same name who were looking for a winter pastime.