Who won the most MVP awards in MLB?

How many MLB players won 3 MVPs?

Albert Pujols matched Foxx with three MVPs, winning in 2005, ’08 and ’09. Lou Gehrig (1927, ’36) and Frank Thomas (1993, ’94) are the only other players to win multiple MVPs at first base, and Gehrig’s 1927 campaign represents the highest Wins Above Replacement mark a first baseman has recorded in an MVP season.

Who has won 3 MVPs?

Mike Schmidt, 3 (1980, ’81, ’86)

Schmidt won the first of three career MVP Awards in 1980, a year in which he also led the Phillies to a World Series championship.

How many MLB players have multiple MVPs?

Barry Bonds has won the most often (seven times) and the most consecutively (four: 2001–04). Jimmie Foxx was the first player to win multiple times; Ten players have won three times, and 19 have won twice. Frank Robinson is the only player to win the award in both the American and National Leagues.

Who was the last MLB MVP?

National League

Year Player Team
2021 Bryce Harper Philadelphia
2020 Freddie Freeman Atlanta
2019 Cody Bellinger LA Dodgers
2018 Christian Yelich Milwaukee
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Who won MVP MLB 2021?

ANAHEIM — Two-way sensation Shohei Ohtani had one of the most incredible seasons in baseball history in 2021 and was fittingly rewarded with the American League MVP Award, as announced Thursday on MLB Network.

Who threw the most no hitters?

The pitcher who holds the record for the most no-hitters is Nolan Ryan, who threw seven in his 27-year career. His first two came exactly two months apart with the California Angels: the first on May 15, 1973, and the second on July 15.

Has a designated hitter won MVP?

During the 1993 season Paul Molitor became the first player to win the World Series Most Valuable Player award while playing 137 of 160 games (85.63%) as a designated hitter; David Ortiz did the same in 2013. Ortiz was also the first designated hitter to win the ALCS MVP in 2004.

Has a tight end ever won MVP?

No tight end has ever won the NFL MVP award, but ESPN Insider makes the case that Rob Gronkowski should be the first.

Who has the most strikeouts in MLB history?

Career Leaders & Records for Strikeouts

Rank Player (yrs, age) Strikeouts
1. Nolan Ryan+ (27) 5714
2. Randy Johnson+ (22) 4875
3. Roger Clemens (24) 4672
4. Steve Carlton+ (24) 4136

Who has the most hits all time in baseball?

Pete Rose has the most hits in Major League Baseball history with 4,256 hits.

What player has won the most MLB games?

Career Leaders & Records for Games Played

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Rank Player (yrs, age) Games Played
1. Pete Rose (24) 3562
2. Carl Yastrzemski+ (23) 3308
3. Henry Aaron+ (23) 3298
4. Rickey Henderson+ (25) 3081