Who pitched the first no hitter in MLB history?

Bumpus Jones of the Cincinnati Reds threw a no-hitter on October 15, 1892 in his first major league game. Jones pitched only eight games in the big leagues, finishing with a career win/loss record of 2–4 and a career earned run average of 7.99.

Who pitched the first no-hitter?

Diamondbacks rookie Tyler Gilbert made history Saturday night by throwing a no-hitter in his first-ever Major League start. He’s the first player since Holloman in 1953 to pull off that feat, and the fourth all-time. The other two both occurred in the 19th century: Ted Breitenstein in 1891 and Bumpus Jones in 1892.

When was the first combined no-hitter?

There have been 13 combined no-hitters. The first was on June 23, 1917, with Babe Ruth as the starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox against the Washington Senators.

Has anyone ever pitched a no-hitter and lost?

On April 23, 1964, Ken Johnson of the Houston Colt . 45s became the first pitcher to throw a nine-inning no-hitter and lose. In fact, he is still the only individual to throw an official (nine-inning) no-hitter and lose.

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Who has the first hit in MLB history?

The 19th Century Era

The 19th Century Era 1800 to 1900
Date Event Description
04-22-1876 Davy Force is credited with the first assist.
04-22-1876 Jim O’Rourke is credited with the first hit and single.
04-22-1876 Tim McGinley is credited with the first run scored.

Who pitched the no-hitter?

the first came on September 13, 2020 with the Chicago Cubs, and the second on April 9, 2021 with the San Diego Padres. Five pitchers have thrown a no-hitter in both the American League and the National League: Cy Young, Ryan, Jim Bunning, Nomo, and Randy Johnson.

Did Babe Ruth ever pitch a no-hitter?

But in the record books it clearly shows Ruth was part of a combined no-hitter – one of the strangest no-nos ever thrown – on June 23, 1917, exactly 100 years ago. … Ernie Shore took over for Ruth, and proceeded to pitch the game of his life.

Who pitched the last perfect game?

The most recent perfect game in the MLB was by Félix Hernández of the Seattle Mariners against the Tampa Bay Rays on August 15, 2012. He struck out the side twice and struck out twelve total batters in a 1–0 victory.

Who has the 2nd most no hitters?

He is the only major leaguer to have thrown no-hitters in regular season and postseason play. Ryan holds the record for most no-hitters in a career, with seven. Sandy Koufax is second on the list with four no-hitters. The first black pitcher to toss a no-hitter was Sam Jones who did it for the Chicago Cubs in 1955.

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What MLB team has been no hit most?

Every major league franchise has been no-hit at least twice, with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers leading the way with 20 no-nos thrown against the club over its long history.

Did Pedro pitch a no-hitter?

Nine perfect innings

Expos manager Felipe Alou then removed Martínez from the game, bringing in reliever Mel Rojas, who retired the next three batters. Martínez officially recorded neither a perfect game nor a no-hitter.

What is the rarest thing in baseball?

Unassisted triple plays

The rarest type of triple play, and one of the rarest events of any kind in baseball, is for a single fielder to complete all three outs. There have only been 15 unassisted triple plays in MLB history, making this feat rarer than a perfect game.

Who has the most perfect games in MLB history?

During baseball’s modern era, 21 pitchers have thrown perfect games. Most were accomplished major leaguers. Seven have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: Cy Young, Addie Joss, Jim Bunning, Sandy Koufax, Catfish Hunter, Randy Johnson, and Roy Halladay.

Who swings at the most first pitches?

Seager put the first pitch in play 58 times in 2020, including the postseason. That was the most in baseball. Only four batters (Luis Robert, Jeff McNeil, Luke Voit, and Brandon Crawford) swung at the first pitch more often than did Seager. When he did resolve the plate appearance on the first pitch, Seager hit .

Has a rookie pitched a perfect game?

No true rookie has ever pitched a perfect game. Richmond and Robertson were both technically rookies, each having made a single appearance in a previous season. Two of the three most recent perfect-game pitchers—Wells and Johnson—were traded at the end of the seasons in which they accomplished the feat.

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Who was the first pinch hitter?

In Game 3 of the 1947 World Series, Berra hit the first pinch-hit home run in World Series history, off Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca (who later served up Bobby Thomson’s famous home run in 1951).