Who is the best softball player in the USA?

Who is the best softball player right now?


Rank Name Position
Rank Name Position
1 Jodie Aguirre SP/RP
2 Liz Murphy SP/RP
3 Courtney Coppersmith SP/RP

Who is the best softball player in 2020?

Ranking the 25 best NCAA softball players in 2020

  • Danielle Williams, P, Northwestern. …
  • Kendyl Lindaman, C/DP, Florida. …
  • Aaliyah Jordan, OF, UCLA. …
  • Mia Davidson, C, Mississippi State. …
  • Kayla Konwent, 1B/DP, Wisconsin. …
  • Grace Green, Utility, Oklahoma. …
  • Reyna Carranco, 2B, Arizona. …
  • Megan Faraimo, P, UCLA.

Who is the best softball player 2021?

Campbell alumna and Hauula native Jocelyn Alo has been named the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year for the 2021 season. Alo currently has 30 home runs and 82 RBIs with a . 487 batting average for the No.

Who is the best girl softball player?

10 Best Fastpitch Softball Players Of All-Time

  • Dot Richardson. A current physician and coach of Liberty University’s softball team, Dot Richardson is the epitome of Fastpitch softball. …
  • Lisa Fernandez. …
  • Jennie Finch. …
  • Cat Osterman. …
  • Tanya Harding. …
  • Jessica Mendoza. …
  • Natasha Watley. …
  • Michele Mary Smith.
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Who is the fastest college softball player?

A stopwatch clocks Stormy Kotzelnick from home plate to first base — 60 feet in 2.64 seconds. That’s almost 16 mph. That’s almost as speedy as Caitlin Lowe, a former U.S. Olympic softball player who ran that same stretch in 2.55 seconds and was dubbed the fastest softball player in the world.

Who is the best softball outfielder?

Alabama softball celebrated its 25th anniversary during the 2021 season, and there have been many legendary and decorated players to be a part of the program over the last 25 years. Perhaps there are none better than outfielder Haylie McCleney.

Who is the best softball catcher?

Our picks for the 5 most famous Softball catchers of all time are:

  • Suzy Brazney.
  • Nancy Ito.
  • Stacey Nuveman.
  • Marilyn Rau.
  • Dot Wilkinson.

Who is the best college softball catcher?

Senior catcher Morganne Flores was named the College Softball Johnny Bench Award winner for 2020 on Thursday, becoming the first catcher in school history to earn the prestigious award.

Who is the best pitcher in softball?

The best college softball pitchers of all time

  • Nancy Evans. …
  • Lisa Fernandez. …
  • Michele Granger. California — 1990-1993. …
  • Danielle Lawrie. Washington — 2006-07, 2009-10. …
  • Courtney Blades. Nicholls State — 1997-98. …
  • Keilani Ricketts. Oklahoma — 2010-2013. …
  • Rachel Garcia. UCLA — 2017-19, 2021. …
  • Alicia Hollowell. Arizona — 2003-2006.

Who is the fastest pitcher in softball 2021?

Speed Club Leaders by MPH

Meghan Harrington 2021 65 MPH
Kenzi Lyall 2021 65 MPH
Gabby Holloway 2020 69 MPH
Madison Harris 2020 69 MPH
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Who won Player of the Year softball?

Jordyn Bahl named 2020-21 Gatorade National Softball Player of the Year.

Who is the shortest college softball pitcher?

Kelley Montalvo’s 4-foot-11 frame brings power to Alabama softball.

Who is the most famous softball player?

Simply put, Jennie Finch is the most famous softball player of all time to the rest of the sporting world. Her success on the field at every level—multiple NCAA championships, record breaking pitching performances, Olympic Gold Medals—combined with beauty and grace made her a celebrity who transcended the sport.

Is there professional softball in the United States?

OKLAHOMA CITY –– USA Softball, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, announced its designation as a co-founder of WPF (Women’s Professional Fastpitch), a new professional softball league created to provide athletes with amplified opportunities to continue their playing careers after college.