What would you use to measure the mass of a baseball?

What do you use to measure mass of a baseball?

You would use a balance to measure the mass of a baseball.

What would you measure a baseball in?

Measure the baseball from edge to edge with a ruler to get its diameter. Divide the diameter in half to get the radius. According to The Physics Factbook online, the standard diameter for a baseball is about 7.3 centimeters. The radius would be 3.65 centimeters.

What do you use to measure mass?

Balances and Scales

For the majority of everyday objects, a balance is used to determine an object’s mass. The balance compares an object with a known mass to the object in question. Different types of balances include digital scientific balances and beam balances, such as a triple beam balance.

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What SI unit would you use to measure the length of a baseball bat what SI unit would you use to measure the mass of a baseball?

7th Grade Science. Unit 1. Ch. 2 Measurement. Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2005.

Meter. is the SI unit of length.One of these is about the length of a baseball bat.
Volume. is the amount of space an object takes up.The cubic meter(m3 or cc) is the SI unit of volume.

Which measurement tool would you use?

These are the most commonly used tools for measurement: Rulers. Tape measures. Yard sticks.

Is used for measuring small mass?

Atomic Mass Unit can be for measuring of very small masses .

Is a baseball a kilogram?

Per Major League Baseball rules, a baseball must weigh between 0.1417476156250 kilograms and 0.148834996406250 kilograms. A major league pitcher can throw a baseball at up to 150 kph (91 mph) (with a fastball pitch), with record-setting pitches as fast as 171 kph (106 mph).

Is a baseball a kilogram or gram?

A baseball is a small, round, and hard. The weight of a baseball must be between 5 and 5 ¼ ounces (142 to 149 grams) and its circumference from 9 to 9 ¼ inches (22.9 to 23.5 centimeters).

What tool or tools would you use to make each of the following measurements mass of a baseball?

Using a triple-beam balance we can calculate an accurate measurement for its mass. Let our baseball have a mass of 140 g as an example.

What are 3 ways to measure mass?

Tools Used to Measure Mass

  1. Balances and Scales. For most everyday objects, scientists use a balance to obtain an object’s mass. …
  2. Space Linear Acceleration Mass Measurement Device (SLAMMD) …
  3. Measurement Transducer. …
  4. Vibrating Tube Mass Sensor. …
  5. Gravitational Interaction.
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How do we measure mass and weight?

Mass may be measured using an ordinary balance. Weight is measured using a spring balance. Mass is measured in grams (g) and kilograms (kg). Weight is measured in Newtons (N).

How do you find the mass without scales?

Good household objects include hand weights. Or look to your kitchen, where packages of dry food are printed with weight measurements of their contents. You can also use containers of water (a gallon of water weighs 8.35 pounds).

What is the mass of a baseball in SI units?

From my experiment of weighing a baseball, the result came out to be 142.54 grams which fits within the accepted range of 142 to 149 grams.

How do you find the density of a baseball?

I would find the mass by weighing the baseball on a balance. I would find the volume using a wide graduated cylinder or could calculate the volume if I found the diameter of the baseball. Then, I would use the equation Density = Mass/Volume to find the density of the baseball.

What is the estimate of a baseball bat?

Although historically bats approaching 3 pounds (1.4 kg) were swung, today bats of 33 ounces (0.94 kg) are common, topping out at 34 ounces (0.96 kg) to 36 ounces (1.0 kg).