What MLB players use ProHitter?

Vernon Wells, Marco Scutaro, and Rod Barajas were among the users for the Jays. Yankees Mark Teixeira and Eric Hinske were also using it. Hinske even homered a Ricky Romero pitch off the foul pole while wearing a PROHITTER. Notable non-users on the Jays were Scott Rolen, Aaron Hill, Alex Rios, and Kevin Millar.

How many MLB players use a PROHITTER?

As the device removes the separation, a hitter can apply consistent pressure on the knob which results in a stronger and more controlled grip. It is estimated that well over 50% of players of MLB use this training aid consistently.

Why do MLB players use PROHITTER?

Prohitter is worn on the thumb of the top hand holding the bat to increase bat speed and power. Used by the Pros! It also helps prevent getting stung.

Who invented PROHITTER?

The PROHITTER story takes on an interesting twist as one learns that company CEO, founder and the PROHITTER product inventor PHILIP LOMEDICO has a colorful and diverse background. LOMEDICO received a major scholarship to play baseball for the UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI (FLA) HURRICANES from 1973-1975.

How does the ProHitter work?

Currently used by half of Major League hitters in games. The Pro Hitter keeps the bat more in the fingers so the bat is in the correct hitting position at all times. This simple aid also prevents painful bone bruises from batting sting caused by repetitive swings and training.

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What do baseball hitters wear on their thumb?

All a thumb guard amounts to is a small piece of plastic with a hole for the thumb. … But over time, this little plastic doodad seems to have taken on all sorts of wonderful qualities. Its boosters say it gives the batter quicker hands and wrists and increased bat speed and power.

What are MLB players wearing on their hands when on base?

The oven mitt — called, unsurprisingly, a sliding mitt, is a clever combination of two separate pieces of safety equipment that some baseball players wore to prevent injuries when sliding into a base.

What size ProHitter should I get?

I would suggest a mid size. This will allow for further growth size in your hand at your current age. When you you receive Batters Aid if it feels a bit big or is big on your thumb, wrapped some cloth tape around the short end of the hole. Make totally sure that it feels comfortable and it loose on your thumb.

When was the PROHITTER invented?

It’s called the PROHITTER, and several baseball players have taken to using it while at the plate. It was patented in 2001, and since has started popping up in big leaguer’s hands everywhere.