What makes a good slow pitch softball bat?

Here are a few key points to keep in mind: All Slow Pitch softball bats have a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter. … Bigger players looking to swing for the fence should look for a bat in the 28 oz to 30 oz range. Smaller or average sized players or those looking for more bat speed should use a bat in the 25 to 27 oz.

What makes a good softball bat?

The key to finding a good Fastpitch bat is getting the perfect size and weight that fits you. Fastpitch softball bats range from 26 – 34” long. Fastpitch softball bats have a drop weight ranging from -8 to -13. The drop weight indicates the length to weight ratio.

What is a good slow pitch bat?

Slow Pitch Bats approved for USSSA in 2021

Starting out in the top spot, we’ve got the new Easton Fire Flex CXN. Approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA, the relaunched Easton Fire Flex is back and better than ever. If you’re feeling nostalgic about this model, that’s because it mimics the CXN bats of the past.

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What is the hottest slowpitch softball bat for 2021?

If you’re short on time and would rather know our #1 pick, we chose the Miken Exclusive 2021 Chaos as the best slowpitch softball bat of 2021. At its price, it’s hard to find a slowpitch bat that beats it. Especially because its performance matches some of the more expensive bats we tested.

How do I know if my softball bat is slow pitch?

What you need to know when selecting a Slow Pitch softball bat:

  1. The key to a good softball bat is finding the weight and size that fit you.
  2. All softball bats have a 2” barrel.
  3. Slow Pitch bats are 34” long.
  4. Slow Pitch bats range in weight from 26 – 30oz.
  5. Slow Pitch softball leagues include ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA, and USSSA.

How long should my slow pitch softball bat be?

Bigger players looking to swing for the fence should look for a bat in the 28 oz to 30 oz range. Smaller or average sized players or those looking for more bat speed should use a bat in the 25 to 27 oz. range. Slow Pitch bats are 34 inches long and weigh from 26 – 30 ounces.

What bats are legal for slow pitch softball?


Moving forward 240 lb Bats are all that can be approved to have a USSSA Stamp on them. Note: In USSSA Conference play only bats with the 240 lb NTS stamp are Legal.

Does a heavier softball bat hit farther?

A heavier bat will hit a ball farther than a lighter bat, when the speed of the bat swing, the pitch speed and the ball mass are kept constant. Increasing the mass of the bat gives the ball more momentum.

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Are all slow pitch bats 34?

Nearly every single slow pitch bat that exists will be 34” in length. There will be some exceptions if you are playing slow pitch with wood bats. However, most players will only have the 34” length to choose for their bat.

Are AXE bats good for slow pitch softball?

Our patented Slowpitch Axe Handle is designed specifically for the softball swing, giving you max whip and freedom. Our barrel is hot out of the wrapper and engineered for Axe Handle hitting, so it never needs to be rotated. Your best swing starts now.

Which softball bat has the most pop?

The LXT is the most popular bat in the Louisville Slugger fastpitch lineup. The full-composite barrel provides a massive sweet spot, maximum pop and incredible sound right out of the wrapper.

Can you use slow pitch softball bats fastpitch?

Technically, you could use a slow pitch softball bat in a fastpitch game without ruining the bat. However, since bats are made specifically for the game or League they’re used in, the slow pitch bat would not hit the ball as well because of the larger weight.

Can you use a baseball bat for slow pitch softball?

Conceivibly you could use a baseball bat to play softball, as long as you can adjust to the slightly shorter total length, and the heavier weight. You would probably find that the performance would be about the same as an older lower performance softball bat.

What is the difference between a slow pitch and fastpitch softball bat?

A slowpitch bat is designed to hit a ball traveling around 25 mph. Fastpitch bats are designed to hit balls traveling in excessive speed. Consequently, fastpitch bats are designed for speed and quick reaction, while slow-pitch bats are designed for slugging the ball.

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