What is the setting of the boy who saved baseball?

Characters: Tom Gallagher is a boy in the town of Dillontown. He loves baseball and he doesn’t want his stadium to be destroyed. His friends, Will, Frankie, Ramon, Rachel, Tara, and Maria all signed up for the Wild Cat baseball team and are helping to win against the Vikings so their stadium won’t be torn down.

What is the theme of the boy who saved baseball?

Theme. the theme of this story is to never give uo, never surrender because anything can happen even if someone dosnt believe in you. The falling action is when the team is playing the game to decide whether or not they will keep the field or not. Dante Del gato gives advice to tom of how his hit could save the field.

What is the conflict in the Boy Who Saved baseball?

The conflict is tom and his baseball team has to win a baseball game in order to keep their field from being sold. The only problem is they are one player short of a team. The climax is when Cruz de la Cruz doesn’t show up to play. Also when tom has to hit the game winning hit to keep the baseball park.

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What genre is The Boy Who Saved baseball?

How does Tom feel right after the team finishes practice? … He thinks the team has a chance of winning. He is overcome by the pressure of all the reporters.

Who is is the author of The Boy Who Saved Baseball?

John H. Ritter
The Boy Who Saved Baseball/Авторы
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