What is a good batting average in college softball?

Batting average is a measure of how likely a player is to get a hit whenever they step up to the plate. A batting average over . 300 is considered really good.

What are good stats for softball?

What softball measurables do college coaches look for in a pitcher?

  • Height: 5’9” or taller.
  • Pitch velocity: 63+ MPH.
  • Command of at least 4 pitches: fastball, changeup, multiple movement pitches.
  • ERA: below 2.50.
  • Strikeouts: 1 or more per inning pitched.
  • Walks: 1-2 per game or fewer.

Is .500 a good batting average in softball?

500 is high. Since some number of quality hits get caught or turned in to put-outs . 500 means she’s getting hits that shouldn’t be hit’s with a better fielding team.

Who has the best batting average in softball 2021?

Category: Batting Average Stat Leaders

# Name BA
1 Celina Wilharm – So .750
2 Aubrey Gibbons – So .747
3 Aurora Tyson – Sr .737
4 Graci Green – Fr .734

What is the best d1 softball College?


Rank School Record
Rank School Record
1 Oklahoma 56-4
2 Alabama 52-9
3 UCLA 47-7
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Who has the most strikeouts in college softball?

NCAA Division I softball career strikeouts list

Strikeouts Pitcher School(s)
2,440 Monica Abbott Tennessee Lady Vols
2,265 Cat Osterman Texas Longhorns
2,149 Angela Tincher Virginia Tech Hokies
1,860 Danielle Lawrie Washington Huskies

What does a 400 batting average mean?

The achievement of a . 400 batting average in a season is recognized as “the standard of hitting excellence”, in light of how batting . 300 in a season is already regarded as solid.

Is 450 a good batting average?

A good batting average in high school baseball mostly depends on the competition the player plays against, but . 300 and above is a good mark to strive toward for most high school hitters. High school baseball players must remember, however, that a high batting average is not the only thing on which to judge a hitter.

What does your batting 1000 mean?

Definition of bat a thousand

baseball. : having a batting average of 1.000 She has five hits in five at bats, so she’s batting a thousand.

What is a good batting average for a slapper?

A good softball slap hitter will typically bat around a . 600 average in High School. This impressive feat is rarely possible for regular hitters. Even though slappers are not typically power-hitting sluggers, slap hitters are in high demand by travel ball teams and colleges.

How fast is the average softball pitch?

Throwing 63 miles per hour will get you noticed by scouts, but the average pitching speed for college softball ranges from 58-65 miles per hour, taking all divisions into consideration.

Who has the best batting average in softball?

The best batting average in the history of NCAA softball is . 467 (aka a ~47% hit rate, held by Jill Justin). And the best career baseball batting average of . 366 — is still held by Ty Cobb, set in 1928.

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What is a good whip in college softball?


Rating WHIP
Great 1.10
Above Average 1.20
Average 1.30
Below Average 1.40

How much should a softball player weight?

How Good do I Need to be to Get a Softball Scholarship?

Height 5’7″ 5’4″
Weight 145 lb. 130 lb.
Home to 1B <2.9 <3.3