What bats are used in softball?

Composite Bats. The two primary materials used for fastpitch softball bats are aluminum alloy and composite. Composite bats are made with a layered material (typically carbon fiber) that is easy to distribute, giving us the ability to make bats with a variety of swing weights, from balanced to end-loaded.

What two types of bats are used for softball?

Teen and Adult Bats

Softball has two main types of weighted bats in balanced and end-loaded. For more power, hitters will tend to use end-loaded bats because of the way they create whip through the strike zone. The whip that is created will help hit the ball with more force when solid contact is made.

What makes a bat illegal in softball?

Bats that are broken, altered or that deface the ball are illegal. Materials inside the bat or treatments/devices used to alter the bat specifications and/or enhance performance (e.g., shaving, rolling or artificially warming the bat barrel) are prohibited and render the bat illegal.

What’s the difference between a baseball bat and a softball bat?

Baseball bats typically have a diameter of 2.5–2.53”. ASA-compliant softball bats, on the other hand, have one size barrel: 2.25”. Along with thinner barrels, softball bats are typically longer than baseball bats. … This difference is mostly due to durability since softball players are hitting a harder and larger ball.

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What are Olympic softball bats made of?

Bats can be made from aluminum or other metals; fiberglass, graphite or other composite material; or wood. The TSA softball division will NOT use wooden bats, although approved by USA/ASA. Bats can be made from one or multiple pieces.

Is shaving a bat legal?

Bat shaving is illegal in all baseball and softball associations. They all consider this to be altering a bat. The reason for this is once a bat is shaved the associations’ distance restrictions on bats is no longer within limits.

Can you tell if a bat has been rolled?

Other ways to tell if a bat has been rolled is the graphics peeling off the bat in odd places, normally where the end of the rollers meet the bat. Another way to tell if a bat has been rolled is by residue from bat roller material left behind on the bat. On some bats there are “roller marks” left on the bat.

What bats are not allowed in softball?

An illegal or altered bat must be removed.

In all divisions, non-wood bat must have a grip of cork, tape, or composition material, and must extend a minimum of 10 inches from the small end. Slippery tape or similar material is prohibited. NOTE 1: The traditional batting donut is not permissible.

Are softball bats metal?

Softball bats are typically longer than baseball bats and often weigh slightly less than baseball bats, making them a little easier to swing. Softball bats are almost always metal, although wooden softball bats can be used, especially in men’s softball leagues.

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Are softball bats hollow?

Composite and aluminum bats used in softball are hollow causing them to have what is called trampoline effect. Because it is a hollow cylinder, the bat compresses when struck by a ball. “It can squish like a spring, like jumping on a trampoline,” said Russell. A wooden bat can’t compress because it’s solid.

Is a heavier bat better for softball?

1) Softball Bat Weight

As a general rule, bigger, stronger players usually prefer a heavier bat for maximum power. Smaller players usually benefit from a lighter bat that allows greater bat speed.

What bats can be used in high school softball?

Only bats that pass through a 2-1/4-inch (5.7150 cm) diameter bat ring are legal. Each bat shall be no more than 2-1/4 inches (5.7150 cm) in diameter at its thickest part, no more than 34 inches (86.360 cm) in length, and not exceed 38 ounces (1077.30 g) in weight.

Why are wooden bats not allowed in softball?

You can probably hack at almost any pitch with one of the newer, technologically-advanced bats because the bat’s sweet spot is so large. However, a wood bat requires you to hit the ball true. That means you can’t hack at every pitch. A more selective eye will help you wait for the pitch you really want.

What are LXT bats made of?

The Louisville Slugger LXT 2021 model is still equipped with the popular Vibration Control Connection System which allows for better feedback without hand vibration and bat sting.


Certification USSSA and ASA
Bat Drop -10
Bat Material Composite Bat
Bat Size Range 30in – 34in
Release Year 2021
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