Should I bring a glove to a baseball game?

There is no reason any man, woman, child or animal should not bring a baseball glove to a Major League Baseball game and the reasons in favor of bringing one are many. The primary reason: It improves your chance of catching a ball.

What should I bring to a baseball game?

What to bring to a baseball game:

  • Clear Stadium Bag – like this one at Amazon (affiliate link)
  • Sun protection – Is your stadium open-air?
  • Weather Protection – Be prepared.
  • Baseball Glove – Tradition.
  • Power Bank for Phone – Charge phone on site; Games are long.
  • Camera – If your phone won’t cut it.

What should kids bring to a baseball game?


Pack a bag with sunscreen, jackets or blankets depending on the weather forecast. A bottle of water is important for hydration, especially during those hot afternoon games.

Can I bring a blanket to a baseball game?

Q: Can blankets be carried into the stadium? A: Guests may bring blankets; however, they must be carried over the shoulder and are subject to inspection.

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Can I bring a camera to a baseball game?

Cameras and videos are allowed in the stadium during all regular season baseball games as long as they are not for commercial use. Both cameras and videos must be hand held; tripods cannot be set up in the seating areas or the aisles (monopods are allowed), and must not block the view of the ball game for other guests.

How do I keep my kids busy at a baseball game?

Here are some of our best ways to keep toddlers entertained and busy at sibling’s sports activities.

  1. Bring a lot of stickers. Stick them on yourself, books, the stroller, your wagon… …
  2. Snacktivities. Cereal necklaces. …
  3. Magformers or Magnatiles. …
  4. Friends. …
  5. Cars. …
  6. Hatchimals. …
  7. Balls. …
  8. Playdough.

Are strollers allowed at baseball games?

Most ballparks welcome strollers, and if you don’t have the small stroller that will fold up under your seat, you can check them at the Fan Accommodations booth upon entering the ballpark. A number of clubs have certain days/events where it would be even better to bring kids.

Can you take a 1 year old to a baseball game?

It might seem like taking your infant to a baseball game is off the table until they’re older. With advance planning, however, taking your baby to a ball game — or any sporting event — is completely doable.

Can I bring a backpack to a baseball game?

Backpacks are no longer permitted. “Approved bags (purses, medical bags and diaper bags) can be no larger than 16″ x 16″ x 8” and will be subject to inspection upon entry in accordance with Major League Baseball security regulations.

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Can you smoke at Chase Field?

Chase Field is a designated non-smoking facility. The stadium does allow fans to vape or smoke in marked areas located outside the stadium, at Gate A, Gate J, and Gate K. Electronic Cigarette use are not permitted in the seating areas, general concourse, suites, or restrooms.

Can you bring a laptop to a baseball game?

Tote bags, purses, diaper bags that are not backpack-style, drawstring, laptop & messenger style bags, along with small soft sided coolers, are bags that are still permitted into Citi Field as long as they are smaller than 16″x16″x8″. They will be screened by security prior to entry.

Can you bring a Polaroid camera to a baseball game?

The stadium rule says: “Guests are welcome to bring cameras and video recorders into the ballpark for personal use. However, any photographic equipment cannot be used to reproduce the game and must not interfere with other fans’ enjoyment of the game.”

Can I bring a DSLR to a baseball game?

Cameras (still only) are permitted inside [the] Field as long as their lens does not exceed 6 inches in length and does not interfere with the game or other fans’ enjoyment of the game.

What are SLR cameras?

A single-lens reflex camera (SLR) is a camera that typically uses a mirror and prism system (hence “reflex” from the mirror’s reflection) that permits the photographer to view through the lens and see exactly what will be captured.