Quick Answer: Who has the most blown saves in MLB history?

To put that number in context, the great Mariano Rivera, MLB’s all-time saves leader, blew 80 saves in his entire 19-year career.

Who has the most career blown saves?


Regular season
Player Blown saves Saves
Gary LavelleL 81 136
Mariano Rivera 80 652
Mike Timlin 141

How many blown saves did Mariano?

In his 96 postseason appearances, Mariano Rivera notched 42 saves – a fitting coincidence, since he wore number 42 – in 47 opportunities. Of the five blown saves, the Yankees came back to win one of the games.

Which MLB team has the most blown saves 2020?

Clarkie the MLB record for blown saves in a season is the Rockies with 34. The Phillies should blow past that by the end of July. Fire the pitching coach.. and some pitchers!!! Even outpacing 2020 when they had 14 blown saves in 60 games.

Who is the best closer of all time?

Top-10 Closers in MLB History

  • 9) Lee Smith (478 Saves) …
  • 7) Hoyt Wilhelm (227 Saves) …
  • 6) Bruce Sutter (300 Saves) …
  • 5) Trevor Hoffman (601 Saves) …
  • 4) Rich “Goose” Gossage (310 Saves) …
  • 3) Rollie Fingers (341 Saves) …
  • 2) Dennis Eckersley (390 Saves) …
  • 1) Mariano Rivera (608 Saves) This, too me this is a no-doubter.
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Can you get a save with a 4 run lead?

A pitcher cannot receive a save and a win in the same game. A relief pitcher recording a save must preserve his team’s lead while doing one of the following: Enter the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitch at least one inning.

Why did Mariano Rivera wear 42?

Yankees: Mariano Rivera (1995-2013)

Along the way, Rivera grew to learn and understand the significance of No. 42, beginning with baseball’s decision to unilaterally retire it in April 1997. By virtue of his longevity and playing for a New York team, Rivera developed and enjoyed a lasting bond with Robinson’s family.

Is Mariano Rivera married?

8698 mark for the best in all of baseball (among pitchers with at least 150 saves) since the blown save rule went into effect in 1988… Trevor’s 314 lifetime saves rank 9th on the all-time major league list, 2nd only to the Mets’ John Franco (422) among active pitchers…

Who leads the National League in blown saves?

NL Leaders: Blown Saves

Rank Name IP
1t D. Bard 65.2
1t G. Gallegos 80.1
1t B. Suter 73.1
4t B. Hand 64.2

Is there a stat for blown saves?

A blown save (abbreviated BS) is charged to a pitcher who enters a game in a save situation but allows the tying run to score. Blown saves were introduced in 1988, but are not an officially recognized statistic although many sources keep track of them.

What is considered a blown save?

Definition. A blown save occurs when a relief pitcher enters a game in a save situation, but allows the tying run to score. … If a pitcher enters in the eighth inning and surrenders the tying run in a save situation, he is given a blown save — regardless of whether he pitches the ninth.

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Who is the best starting pitcher of all time?

RHP Cy Young

Many of Cy Young’s stats boggle the modern mind. He holds the all-time record for starts (815), wins (511), complete games (749) and innings pitched (7,356).

Who is the best hitter in baseball history?

Greatest MLB Hitters of All Time

  • Honus Wagner — 3,420 Hits. …
  • Cap Anson — 3,435 Hits. …
  • Derek Jeter — 3,465 Hits. …
  • Tris Speaker — 3,514 Hits. …
  • Stan Musial — 3,630 Hits. Born: Nov. …
  • Henry Aaron — 3,771 Hits. Born: Feb. …
  • Ty Cobb — 4,189 Hits. Born: Dec. …
  • Pete Rose — 4,256 Hits. Born: April 14, 1941 (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Who is the best reliever in MLB history?

1. Mariano Rivera. There is no question that Mariano Rivera is the best closer in Major League history. After breaking the career saves mark last season, he now stands alone with 603 saves and counting.