Question: What does the core and compression of a softball mean?

Softball compression is a measure of how hard a softball is. The higher the compression, the harder the ball, and generally, the farther it will fly. Compression is measured by how many pounds of force are needed to squeeze two sides of the ball in by a total of one-quarter of an inch.

What does core mean in softball?

The COR value (i.e. Coefficient of Restitution) is how much is given back after the impact with a solid wall during testing. This value indicates how much energy is left over after the ball strikes the immovable object and then bouncing back at a speed lesser than its incoming speed.

What is the COR and compression of a softball?

Compression: The amount of force it takes to compress the ball a quarter of an inch, which is measured in pounds. COR: The measurement of the bounce of the ball. Softballs with a higher COR are livelier and result in farther and faster-travelling hits.

What is the compression of a Classic M softball?

USSSA-approved design for slow-pitch softball league play. 40/325 Compression.

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What is the COR and compression of a baseball?

44. These two numbers represent the compression and Coefficient-of-Restitution (COR), respectively. The compression is simply the amount of force in pounds that is required to compress the ball a quarter of an inch, and it represents the “hardness” of the ball.

What is considered a low compression softball?

Low-compression softballs are the softest, with a compression rating of no more than 375 pounds. They are available in both 11- and 12-inch sizes. Balls with low compression ratings and high COR values have a “mushy” feel. … Bats that do not flex are the best to use when hitting low-compression balls.

What is the core of a softball made of?

Core. The core of a softball is composed of a synthetic mixture made using either kapok or polyurethane, a blend of rubber and cork.

Is a softball harder than a baseball?

Many people often question if softball is harder than base ball or vise versa. … However, it is scientifically proven that softball is harder than baseball. The speed of pitches, the reaction time for hitters and fielders, and the distance of the field indicates that softball is indeed harder than baseball.

What softball flies the farthest?

The Ultimate Evil Ball is farthest flying ball in the country, nothing comes close. This special edition ball was built for the Long Haul Bombers, Stadium power tour. If you are looking for absolutely Ridiculous Distance, Look no further than the Ultimate Evil.

Why is a softball bigger than a baseball?

A softball field has 60 feet between each base while baseball’s bases are 90 feet apart. … The reasoning behind both items is that women have smaller hands and don’t have the power necessary to throw the ball as efficiently on a baseball-sized field.

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What core is a gold dot?

Circumference: 12 in. Color: Optic Yellow, Blue. Color Family: Yellow. Cork Core: No.

What is a good softball?

Worth Fastpitch Red Dot 12″ Leather Ball – Best ASA Softballs. The Worth Red Dot is a fast pitch softball with a . 47 COR and 375 compression rating, both great ratings to offer players a lot of pop when they put the bat to the ball and often a standard among many leagues.

What is the COR of a baseball?

The standard parameter for measuring the elastici- ty of baseballs is the coefficient of restitution (COR). The rules of baseball state that a ball shot at 85 ft/s at a wall of northern white ash must rebound with a speed of 54.6 3.2% of the initial speed. In other words, the COR must be 0.546 0.032.

What does the term hot bat mean?

“A hot bat is any bat that has been somewhat altered in order to give it an added performance,” says Rick Paulas, who plays softball and investigated the devious practice recently for SB Nation. … Paulas writes that hot bats make a serious difference in performance — and they’re nearly impossible to detect.

What is bat compression?

Bat compression test results describe the amount of pressure required to compress the barrel of a bat. A higher compression result (usually stated in terms of pounds per area) means a barrel’s walls are more rigid. A bat with a lower compression means the barrel walls are more flexible or elastic.