Frequent question: How can I get better at softball fast?

How do you get more power when hitting a softball?

5 Tips to Get More Power Behind Your Softball Swing

  1. Use The Right Grip. When you grip the bat, you need to focus on applying your pressure with your fingers- not your palms. …
  2. Mind The Elbows. Many softball players mistakenly keep their elbows up when swinging. …
  3. Power Your Stance. …
  4. Dominate Your Stride. …
  5. Improve Your Contact.

How fast should a 12 year old pitch softball?

Average softball pitching speed by age

Age Average Pitching Speeds High-end Averages
12 41 – 48 MPH 49 – 53 MPH
13 45 – 53 MPH 54 – 56 MPH
14 46 – 54 MPH 55 – 58 MPH
15 49 – 54 MPH 55 – 60 MPH

What is the fastest softball pitch ever?

The fastest recorded softball pitch is 77 mph (123.9 km/h), achieved by Monica Abbott (USA) on 16 June 2012 in a National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) game for the Chicago Bandits against the Carolina Diamonds in Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA.

How can I increase my batting power?

Follow Top Five Tips to Increase Hitting Power

  1. Backlift – Backlift is the very first and important thing that you must improve if you want to hit big shots. …
  2. Footwork – These techniques are very helpful at the time of adjusting the backlift. …
  3. Use Pace of The Ball – …
  4. Timing – …
  5. Eye on Ball –
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What should I know before starting softball?

10 Tips For Softball Beginners

  • Always warm up. Never begin without a good warm up as any stresses the body is under while cold can lead to an injury. …
  • Pick the right glove. …
  • Break in your glove. …
  • Storing your glove. …
  • Buy quality cleats. …
  • Perfect your throwing technique. …
  • Be versatile. …
  • Training using intervals.

How do I make my softball bat hit farther?

You can shave aluminum or composite softball bats. Shaving a bat removes material from the barrel, resulting in thinner walls. These thinner walls will compress and spring back with more force than a regular bat. This extra force can increase the speed and distance of your hits.

What is the proper batting stance?

Your stance should be aligned to the pitcher with your feet, hips and shoulders on a line perpendicular to the rubber. … Make sure to stay on the balls of your feet in an athletic position with knees slightly bent. Another key for hitters is vision.

Is baseball or softball harder?

Many people often question if softball is harder than base ball or vise versa. … However, it is scientifically proven that softball is harder than baseball. The speed of pitches, the reaction time for hitters and fielders, and the distance of the field indicates that softball is indeed harder than baseball.

How tall is the average softball player?

How Good do I Need to be to Get a Softball Scholarship?

Height 5’8″ 5’4″
Weight 160 lb. 150 lb.
Pop Time
Home to 1B
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How fast can Jennie Finch throw a softball?

Jennie Finch’s underhand fastball pitch comes in at around 68 mph. Her long stride moves her several feet closer to the plate by the time the ball leaves her hand.