Do you need to break in a baseball bat?

As you may know, composite baseball and softball bats require a “break-in” period to reach their optimum in-game performance level. … Hitting composite bats at speeds faster than they are designed to withstand can cause premature cracking and damage the bat before reaching its full performance potential. 1.

What happens if you don’t break in a bat?

Never break in your bat in a cage that uses yellow dimpled balls. Yellow dimpled balls are very dense and can damage your bat and decrease its lifespan. Here is a quick video on how to break in your composite bat.

How many hits does it take to break in a new bat?

Increase the power level as you get more swings. Next you should take about 50 swings of soft toss or front toss, while again remembering to rotate the bat a ¼ turn with each swing. To complete the break-in process, face live pitching with a pitcher who is throwing at least 40 miles per hour.

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How cold does it have to be to break a bat?

At What Temperature Is It Too Cold To Use My Bat? The industry recommendation is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Certain manufacturers, such as Easton, recommend avoiding temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit for their aluminum models.

Why do bats need to be broken in?

Unlike alloy bats that are ready to use straight out of the wrapper, composite bats need a little warming up. The reason for this “break-in” period is to loosen the resin inside of the barrel so the material can be more responsive upon contact. … Make sure to rotate the bat ¼” between each hit.

Will batting cage balls bad for bats?

You should not use your new bat in the batting cage. Batting cage balls are made of a more dense material than is used in a regulation baseball or softball and will cause denting. Bat failure due to use in a batting cage is very obvious and is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Is Rolling a bat worth it?

Many bat rolling companies advertise that they use “Heat Rolling”. … We have done extensive testing rolling bats after heating them and found that it actually is counterproductive to breaking in the bat. The heat temporarily stretches out the bat’s fibers so that when you roll it you are not accomplishing any break in.

Do AXE bats need to be broken in?

Yes.” As with most bats, during the initial break-in period, softball players and baseball players are told to rotate the bat to prevent the bats from denting too soon. … The composite Axe Bat uses their Plus-Plus technology which gives additional carbon fiber layers to enhance its durability and increase the pop.

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How do you break in a US bat?


  1. Take your time – The best way to break in your composite bat is with a 3-step process. …
  2. Use a regulation ball – Make sure you use baseballs or softballs that you would hit in a game. …
  3. Turn your bat after every swing – To ensure you are evenly breaking in your bat, turn the bat a quarter turn with every hit.

Can you hit softballs with a baseball bat?

Conceivibly you could use a baseball bat to play softball, as long as you can adjust to the slightly shorter total length, and the heavier weight. You would probably find that the performance would be about the same as an older lower performance softball bat.

What do you do with a bat during the day?

If a bat is spotted during daytime, DO NOT try to be near, touch, kill, any bats under any circumstances. Call a wildlife rescue company immediately to capture it in a safe and humane way. It takes years of training, licensing and experience to trap a bat and relocate them humanely in the wild.

How many hits is a composite bat good for?

A composite bat can last from around 1 to 3 years after its break-in period (which usually calls for 150 to 300 hits).

What temperature do bats like?

Very few caves have these special configurations that make them ideal hibernation sites. Hibernating bats typically require relatively stable temperatures between 32 F and 49 F. In contrast, summer nursery colonies need temperatures of close to 60 F or more, preferably 70 F or above to successfully rear young.

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At what temperature will a composite bat break?

Composite baseball bats are never recommended for use when playing in temperatures that fall below 60 degrees. This is because the performance problems and possibility of cracking increases.

How do I keep my baseball bat warm?

IRON GLOVES BIG BARREL Bat Warmer is simply the best bat warmer in baseball and softball. These fit Big Barrel covers are designed for big barrel baseball bats. They are legal and approved for use during play. IRON GLOVES thermal insulator keeps your bat 40% warmer.