Historical Timeline of Baseball

How Joe Jackson threw the World Series

Joe Jackson Fixed 1919 World Series Joe Jackson batted .375 with 12 hits in the eight games of the 1919 World Series. He led the Chicago White Sox with six runs batted in and hit their only home run. Excellent performance by one of baseball’s best … Read More »

The smog that strangled Stan Musial’s hometown of Donora, Pennsylvania

donora pennsylvania What would it take for a small town with a population under 10,000 to be known for something other than producing two of the greatest players in baseball history? One of the strangest, most tragic disasters in American history … Read More »

The dark secrets and mysterious death of Red Sox manager Chick Stahl

Chick Stahl Boston Red Sox A century ago when one of Boston’s most famous citizens killed himself under strange circumstances in a gruesome fashion, muttering final words that rival the gasping “Rosebud” of Charles Foster Kane, it prompted shock, sadness, and conspiracy theories … Read More »

The Walking Eddies: A Patient Infield That Never Was

eddie yost eddie joost eddie stanky eddie lake baseball infields For a long time walks in baseball were considered a mistake, an accident caused by poor aim. The pitcher was wild and if he couldn’t throw three strikes before he threw four balls, Mr. Batter was directed to trot down to first base. Read More »

Cardinals, Tigers have a history in the Fall Classic

1934-1968-2006 world series detroit tigers st louis cardinals Used to be that every 34-38 years the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals met in the World Series. That’s how it went from 1934 to 1968, and then from 1968 to 2006. I guess we can book the 2042 World Series between these two clubs now. Read More »

Paige wore an Astros uniform long before Clemens and he was a better pitcher

satchel paige 1965 houston astros The tall, wiry man wearing the Astros uniform and shuffling around the still-rough mound in the Astrodome on an April day in 1965 was 59 years old and he moved with an easy manner that belied his still-spry bones. Read More »

Magician in The Bronx: What if the Yankees had acquired Rod Carew in 1979?

rod carew yankee stadium Anyone who saw Rod Carew swing the bat will never forget it. He was a magician with a Louisville Slugger in his hands. The multiple batting titles he won were earned largely off his knack for slicing line drives to every square inch of the diamond. Read More »

When Ty Cobb took on the New York Giants and won

Ty Cobb sliding Detroit Tigers legend Ty Cobb had more than his share of tussles on and off the diamond. But one of his most famous occurred in the spring of 1917 while the Tigers were playing the New York Giants in a series of exhibition games prior to the start of the regular season. Read More »

The Dodger who nearly became baseball’s second on-field fatality

steve yeager 1981 world series According to his manager, Steve Yeager went down “like he’d been felled by a bullet.” Read More »